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Effect of Map on Player Kills


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As part of an effort to quantify the effects of maps on player kills, I took a snapshot of 4 tiers of NA WvW at a point where maps were most likely to have been queued across the board for the previous skirmish. This should remove/mitigate the influence of lower population, depending on whether all servers queued the map or not. I know tier 1 was queued on all borderlands for this period and on EBG for parts of it on Sea of Sorrows.

I saved the data from all tiers, but since this is apparently only interesting to me, I'm only going to post tier 1 here. I can provide the rest upon request.

WEEK 1 (9/21/18)Tier 1: http://puu.sh/ByZU4/04374e7286.PNG

EBG - 1,265 killsBBL - 1,296 killsGBL - 1,331 killsRBL - 1,566 kills

The lower EBG numbers may have been caused by ~30 minutes of no queue there for SoS at the start of the match. There was a pug tag, but the guild groups were all on the borderlands.

WEEK 2 (9/28/18)This week, I took the snapshot directly at the end of the first skirmish, so the numbers are all a little lower. The previous week was snapped at 150m instead of 120m.

Tier 1: http://puu.sh/BCJbz/003ebaf99d.PNG

EBG - 1,251 killsBBL - 1,442 killsGBL - 1,442 killsRBL - 1,332 kills

In some kind of freak accident, the numbers look eerily uniform...but more to the point, CD/HoD only managed to get 98 kills on their own borderland (Red), so I suspect they didn't have much of a force there. Then again, they had 651 deaths...? Anyway, this was the week of the Crazy Bloodlust that took the tenuous combat balance and dashed its brains out on the sidewalk.

All snaps are from wvwintel.com

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