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  1. There was a period where walls had different health on ABL and DBL. It seems to have been unintentional, but it is possible for map discrepancies to happen.
  2. You're probably getting the usual 10 minutes for kill credit on a player. Or perhaps kills are now the only way to get credit in defense events--that seems unusual, but would be an equally poor change.
  3. I can only imagine the fun times we'd have if a WvW update broke the PvE game. Definitely best to do this one slow and right.
  4. I'm not sure if you heard, but participation for repairing, defense events and siege damage was removed in the last patch. So, if you're defending something, you're not going to get any participation at all unless you fully kill someone. We have some theories on why Anet did it, but they haven't actually said anything on the matter so we don't know for sure. My guess is that they aren't intentionally trying to screw over the support crew. I wouldn't expect any reversions, though, as that would require a level of attention that seems to be absent. You'd have to join the big guild Discord
  5. They were disappearing on respawn as of a few weeks ago when I was playing. The patch notes also stated that respawning was one of the triggers to remove traps.
  6. When they made the change, they stated that traps would be removed. I don't think it's a bug in the sense that removing traps is unintended, but it may be a bug in the sense that they neglected to consider traps that aren't a part of class loadouts. Said traps disappearing on respawn is a huge blow to WvW defense but, honestly, that doesn't seem to be on their radar so I think we just have to get used to it.
  7. The situation people are complaining about is the post-siege repair after a huge zerg tries to one-push your keep and then hops maps when they fail. There are no more attackers so there's no defense event, but there's a ton of damage to be repaired and if your zerg also doesn't help (which is the usual), you may be stuck with a 10-20 minute repair job if you want your keep to survive the next zerg rush. Thanks to this change, that repair job will now be harder to do without losing participation. P.S. Repairing while a structure is under active siege is generally a poor idea any
  8. Any idea what they're trying to accomplish? Is there anything exclusive to WvW worth farming on bots?
  9. If it leans toward single target support, then probably not--at least not in a zerg setting. I don't think the mobility is really going to be useful in that sense. In a small-scale setting, I'm not sure any support will be better than just one-shotting the enemies from stealth.
  10. I can see this happening once, but how can someone do stuff like this often enough to be famous on their server and not be banned? This is going to have to get straightened out before the 'make people care about winning' era.
  11. Perhaps we just need more information on what they're hoping to accomplish with this change. Initially, I had no clue what they were trying to do. Later, it seemed like they were targeting afk repairmen in SM. But as Gorem pointed out, the SM repairmen will still get defense event credit because SM is constantly under attack by afk trebs. In addition, there was no change participation gain from siege damage. So there are three likely possibilities here: 1.) They were not targeting afk participation gain as they left a more common form of it intact. 2.) They were targeting
  12. If nothing else, this thread has really made clear just how unappreciated time spent repairing already is. Beyond just being taken for granted, people don't seem to realize what would happen without repairs. It may just be a cultural issue with the EBG crowd. Objective maintenance is fairly pointless on that map since afk trebs can hit most everything, so I don't imagine people that play there have the same mindset of wanting everything fully repaired at all times. Full repairs are also less important as defense is less about stalling for reinforcements and more about having a larger zer
  13. We're talking about disincentives, not incentives. I don't need any more incentive to repair than having my walls in good health. The issue is that, by removing participation, I am now being told that repairing is not intended gameplay. If I want to reap rewards from WvW, I now may face situations where I should skip or delay repairing a wall. Running past and checking for enemies is a much smaller time commitment (~30 seconds instead of 15+ minutes) and does not, on its own, create situations where I lose participation for doing it.
  14. If you kill a player while defending a camp, you've basically hit the jackpot. What usually happens, for me, is that there are multiple players taking the camp and I can't finish any of them or they run away and mount up. If I'm trying to make repairs, I won't chase quite as hard as getting those defenses back up ASAP comes first. I'm often playing where no commanders are present, but even if they were, I don't think I should have to beg for scraps from them just to be recognized as not afk. It is a solution that sometimes works, but we can definitely do better.
  15. Source: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/inside-arenanet-world-restructuring-beta-1-recap-and-next-steps/ It's not clear if the "removing incentives from unintended gameplay" is directly related to "removing the “participation grace time” granted by repairing structures," but it seems so given the context. Some people have been, presumably, afking next to damaged walls and intermittently repairing them to maintain participation. I haven't witnessed this myself as I generally do not leave walls unrepaired and thus this isn't possible on maps I'm playing on, but other players have mentione
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