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LFG NA WvsW guild - low population + teamspeak; Endgame pve content (raids, something fun..)


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Mail or msg me ingame please.

I play bunker killer gunflame zerker. High damage rifle glassy pew pew. I like playing with other people who play high dps glass. I don't like playing the meta where you just clump up and play "stay on tag" while spamming aoe as some tank class. I like killing meta builds, I hate playing them in wvsw and never will again. I don't like playing with large groups of people. Fights with 20 or under on each side is ideal. Even more so just 5-10 people. Movement / hit and run sequences / portals / building arrow carts and using siege to win fights is king. Guild missions are fun, just they kinda lack rewards atm.

I command. I use teamspeak. I used to textmand alot, can still do that probably. I know all the siege stuff and have my inventory properly doneup with all the siege ingame and always use food and all those things a commander needs....squad messages.....markers.....beacons....pings.I like doing pve in wvsw. I only like fights if they lead to some kind of objective gain. I like capping, and defending, and upgrading holdings and slowly branching out and jumping borderlands to take down the heart of the enemy's keeps etc.Currently on Ehmry Bay. Will gladly swap worlds cause there is nothing left of our server anymore. There's not enough game left to stay in one place anymore.

That's what I like to do in wvsw. In terms of pve, I like fighting things in open world pve that are hard to kill and have the ability to actually kill me and have some point to doing them. so like solo centaur farming but with some kind of purpose to it. I've done 3 or so of the raid bosses. And while they hit the "hard content that can kill me" most of the bosses just frustrate me due to needing to read some 3 page manual just to not have the boss "instant wipe you" for some 'just cause' reason. And you can't really drop in and play any of that stuff with this horrible community, so a dedicated guild is needed. The rewards dont really appeal to me at all though, its mainly just something to do. Wvsw I guess would be the main. Being able to command when i want and do what I want in an environment that doesn't fight me every step of the way is good. Being able to make an individual impact on the map is the ideal, whether tagged or not.

couldn't care less if we lose every week, all i care about is having fun. being able to hold things and defend them is also apart of fun tho.

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