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Reboot handcrafted GW2 Themed Figurines (from 2015)

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Hello fellow Tyrians,

These come directly from the Old gw2 forum. Sadly; all Original information concerning the various descriptions on equipment/backgroundstory etc have been permanently lost.Its been too long for me to recall; so you'l just have to use yer own imagination for these. Goal was to create figurines wich introduced various concepts/designs wich werent implemented in the game; at that time.

Below: Reaper styled with special dragonthemed armor and necrotic Elder Dragon Greatsword.ob68brk.png35xnEyr.png

Below: Figurines based on a Fanfiction story i made.(depics White Leaf as an Adult Asura and her custom Golem)https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/59115/reboot-gw2-fanfiction-story-scarlets-sister#latestGZyTLC4.pngShyXEWI.png4GkXWM7.pngy4DnIGG.png

Below: My own visual interpretation of the 1st Khan-ur (on his back the legendary Claw itself)l6aQjON.pngDa87mP0.png2VmEQBS.png

Below: Own visual interpretation of the; to be revealed "Forge specialisation" + custom gear.VFVrnir.png9MErKv8.png

Below: Various equipment/playable future race idea'sBovG5Yq.png5P4BoSM.png




How it was made? A fairly basic method i found on internet. You could do it aswell.1)comeup with a idea/sketch etc( your only limitation is own imagination / sculpting skills. but practice should solve this a bit)2) start making a skeleton out of tinfoil/ironwiring and shape it into the correct pose so it matches your idea/design.(tinfoil is very good to shape the figurine beforehand; saving alot of clay. But make sure the skeleton is thinner then the actual design cuz you still need to coat it with clay)3)Use a lightweight clay like paperclay and start coating the skeleton to make a good foundation for sculpting phases.(paper clay dries pretty fast)4)Now start sculpting the rough shape of your figurine. The amount of sculpting phases depends how accurate you wanna get the figurine.5)refine the figurine between sculpting phases with water/sandpaper etc.6)Once your happy with the result; start applying a basecolor primer of some sort. For all my figurines i used a Black basecolor; cuz it creates a nice suggestion of shadows.7)start filling in the rest of the colors for your figurine; think about reflection, shading, gradient effects. If you have metal armor pieces; use gold/silver paint for instance.8)Afterwards consider using a "textile fixation" or "varnish" so your figurine colors stay preserved.9)Put on a shelf and be proud of your achievement.

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