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[BUG] Commander Call Target For Squads in WvW


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As per the wiki:


"Other members of a squad or a team that you join cannot see the mark unless they are also in your party or sub-squad. An exception to this rule is when the commander of a squad calls a target, all members of the squad will see that target placement, irrespective of their sub-squad positioning." - this doesn't work as described.

Can we have a fix after all these years?

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@Blocki.4931 said:But it works exactly like that?

Nope. It works for parties, not the entire squad. Currently what I observed is that even as a commander when I target someone only the subgroup of which I'm a member of as commander can see the mark. As commander, I'd like this to be as in the description - squad-wide, including all sub groups.

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