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LFGuild semi-hardcore PvP in AR (willing to transfer) EST timezone


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Looking for a small-medium guild that runs PvP and sometimes Dungeons/Fractals. I don't have any max characters so I can't compete in WvW which makes server location a non-issue at the moment. But if I like the guild, I would be willing to transfer.

I'm not on consistently. Sometimes I'll play a couple hours a day, every day; and other times I'll be gone for a few weeks. But I always come back. If I have a solid PvP team to train and play with, I think I would be more consistent with my hours if that's a problem. But with PvE or a free-form guild, my attendance can't be an issue.

On Discord I prefer small servers (<200 people). Voice chat is preferred, but I frequently lurk around text & image channels.

EDIT: changed details of the title and body to narrow my focus.

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