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Longer NPC aggro range in PoF maps lead to griefing


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This evening, I reached the desolation map and there are a few events with awaken npcs. One in particular involves capturing enemy dogs to take them to whatever camp there is further down a road. To get to that road, there's a ton of NPCs patrolling so you have to be careful. You hold the dog for maybe 20s and then have to fight it again. Now, the event is fine, but the insane aggro range on all npcs now let people grief others trying to do events or even just their storyline. I was just done fighting that dog and had a leftover, unused trap (I play guardian) and suddenly out of nowhere some dude comes with about 15 NPCs and pulls them inside my aoe. Of course they aggro me, and on any other maps I might be able to handle 15 but not awaken, as every trash does about 2-3 times more dps than a fractal boss. Needless to say that I can't tank that forever. Dude then proceeds to capture my dog and reaps the rewards for the event.

Then after that event there's a defense one, and another guy comes with a horde of NPCs, pulling them to the event, and again, the numbers are completely overwhelming as I was doing this one alone.

Two players in a matter of minutes griefing events because of a stupid design decision. Now, I don't really care about the original intent, the result is there, people use the insane aggro range to troll/grief/steal event objectives from others by pulling trash across the map, and this is bad. By design, the game now encourages such behaviour, and that's really infuriating since it really doesn't bring any fun gameplay anyway. HoT and core Tyria never had these issues. Other games, even the ones with mounts, also don't have these issues as the devs are aware that it leads to such crappy stuff, yet here we are, with ANet not learning game design lessons from 15+ years ago.

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