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I would love to see this finally becoming a real thing... each town should have like kind of 5 or 6 unique and individual Minigame Activies with its own achievements, which you can play also only in said specific Towns. Like also you can play certain seasonal minigames only in specific towns at specific times. This should include also the living story minigame,s which should be only playable in their respective fittign maps where they got introduced, so that players have a reason to go into these maps and not to Lions Arch!!

Crab Toss and Southsun Survival belong to Southsun Cove and should be turned there into Adventures practically.Sanctum Sprint and Aspect Arena belong to Labyrintine Cliff and should become a permanent explorable reworked bigger map with actually content in itDragon Ball is a seasonal Minigame for Lions ArchWintersday has its own seasonal MinigamesHalloween has its own seasonal Minigames.

Rata Sum should have as constant accessible Minigames with own Achievements:

  • Super Adventure Box (this one is self explanatory)
  • Polymock (as a Minigame, that could make usage of our tons of Miniatures to be used as "Polymock Figures" to play Polymock either against the NPC, or against other Players
  • Golem Chess, somethign very simple, that could be turned into something really great, often it are the small thigns that just get overlooked
  • Simulation Arena - The one who survives the longest, wins
  • Rollercoast Blaster - Think of that Laser Gun Rollercoaster Minigame in Gold Saucer FF7? I want to have something like that in Rata Sum ^^

Lions Arch should have as Minigames:

  • Belchers Bluffing
  • Bar Brawls
  • Cannonball Bowling
  • Basket Ball (that one game that was briefly there)
  • Dart Throwing

Hoelbrak should have as Minigames

  • Keg Brawl
  • Ice Hockey
  • Snowball Battles (that onen from Wintersday and replace that Snowball Minigame from Wintersday with something new)
  • Ski Jumping (simple rule, who jumps the furthest, makes the most stylish jump and lands the best, wins, multiple rounds )
  • Snowboard Races which you can play either alone (Time Trial/Freestyle) or against other players as you like (Race/Competition)

Divinity Reach should have

  • Card Game "The Gathering" as some kind ofTrading Card Game similar to Triple Triad, Gwint or Tetra Master

Grove should have as Minigames

  • Pool Fishing (biggest catch = winner)
  • Whack a Wurm (most hits = winner)

Thats so far Ive at least ideas for the towns ;)Feel free to add your ideas if you have some with what Anet could fill up the towns with Minigames

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Yes please more minigames would be fun and maybe add achievements to them :DI really like @Orpheal.8263 ideas in the 2nd post.

That RC golem minigame in metricia privince would be really fun. Found one in Auric Basin thats working, too bad its placed over there were no people hang out.

I tried to do the belchers bluff achievement once but its bugged and looks like it have been that forever. Will it ever be fixed?

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@Djinn.9245 said:I vote No to more minigames. They have nothing to do with the main game. Spend more resources on Armor Sets!

rather change the vision on armor sets, they are mostly just reusing old set designs with some extra flair. medium is pretty much always a coat chest piece.

somehow the new bounty hunter armor reminds me of the Accursed armor that is dropped in the Arah dungeon

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