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New Elite spec concept Conjurer


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This mesmer elite spec aims to make the games magical trickster feel a small touch of the other base classes in is playstyle while playing with the elementalists conjure weapons as a class special ability to replace their shatters. While in this spec mesmer loses weapon swapping and utilities have doubled cooldowns to compensate for the existence of so many extra skills

Focus: ranged raw damage

Class special skills Weapon conjuring replaces shatters and gains 3 skill charges per illusion you have up (does not shatter illusions)F1:summons phantasmal dagger focuses on jaunts stealth and summoning clones (feels like thief)F2: summons trickers rifle focus on enemy control and player boon application (feels like engineerF3: summons paladins hammer: aoe support with every landed attack (feels like hammer guardian)F4: summons warlocks staff focus on AOE attacks (feels like fire staff ele)F5: summons phantom longbow piercing and homing arrows (Feel like longbow ranger)

Weapon: ShortbowSb1: launch dagger: throw a bouncing dagger applying confusion and granting vigor summons a clone on the first and third bounceSb2: repositioning strike: teleports an enemy back the closer they are to you the further they get teleportedSb3: Glamorous ward: place a wall at range that reflects projectilesSb4: haze burst: launch a skyward projectile that explodes when it lands at its target and summons a phantasma that repeats the ability (summoning short duration clones instead of phantasma)Sb5: launch 5 skyward projectiles in a fan when they drop to 100m they will hover and shoot bolts of energy at enemies in a moderate aoe below them (cannot use this ability at any range other than max)

Utilities: Spectrals

Heal: Life link: heal based on the number of allies and enemies in the area temporarily gaining life siphon on enemies in the areaU1: Ring of solitude: Creates a ring that neither you nor enemies can cross ring blocks projectiles and halves damage from melee abilities from outside the ringU2: Misted armor: Grants swiftness and protectionU3: Forced conduit: mark an enemy for life siphon and striking them summons 1 second duration clones between them and youElite: Advancing Regression: Places an aoe at range that expands granting allies random boons and stripping boons from enemies as it expands to max size (max size about the radius of meteors) Once max size it begins to shrink cleansing allies of conditions and giving enemies random conditions as it passes thru them.

A few grandmaster trait ideas

Passive manipulation: when wielding a shortbow automatically summon 2 clones every 10 secondsCompensation: Every Conjure weapon equip reduces utility skill cooldowns by 10%Efficiency Cycle: when a clone dies or expires it heals you (heals more if it dies)

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