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Gemstore mounts with only 3 dye channels


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Currently, there are only 2 of the kind: Mirror Masked and Spined Longtail.

The mounts are well-made and have a good look, but I think any mount that costs gems should have 4 dye channels. It's not because they only have 3 base colours that we should be restricted in their customization. I mean, even the Kourna Jackrabbit has 4 dye channels! If we folow the same logic as the 2 others only 2 dye channels would have been enough.

Let us dye the under side or the saddle of the Spined Longtail and let us colour the reflections or the belly of the Mirror Masked, if people only want 3 colours they can just put the same one in 2 dye channels.

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