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  1. I really like the recent changes as it feels like you're finally revisiting older mechanics. I like the new elementals and I can't want to see if you have something planned for conjured weapons.
  2. If I was a game devlopper and didn't want people to afk farm with their pet, I'd make it a requirement that the player must hit the mobs in order to get the loot. I assume since this isn't the case, afk farming is okay so long as you're not using any 3rd party program.
  3. They are supposed to be the same duration, but it's buggy as hell and each skin has a different speed. There is also that bug on the Swarm Logging Flute where it's obviously supposed to gather 4 times, but the 3rd time never works and you just end up gathering 3 times just more slowly than any other tool because the last one takes ages to proc. So basically you pay for a downgrade.
  4. Many books were added to the game throughout the years. They are useless and so most of them end up discarded to free inventory space, which is a shame really. This page gives us an idea of the amount of books currently in the game: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/BookBut it is notable that not even every item that can be qualified as books is in this page. The Book of Vlast is an example: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Book_of_VlastAll these pages of lore deserve better than to be discarded. I suggest we get access to the Priory's Special Collections as a personnal instance, in which every
  5. I think they could do it. We already have merchants that can only sell you certain items if you've completed an achievment. They don't need to do all of them at once, perhaps start with the story achievment, maybe update later with the zones achievments...
  6. P U N C T U A T I O N Seriously your thing is an absolute pain to read.What is your issue exactly? What game mode are you talking about? What specialisation? What would you want Fresh Air to do that it is not doing?
  7. I was wondering if you could create a merchant that sold duplicates of achievment rewards? I'm not talking about equipment peices, but more about stuff like Sun's Refuge Portal Scroll and Spearmarshall's Plea. They don't award any money when sold so they could even be completely free, but I wouldn't mind having to pay 1 gold or something. Just give us a way to discard an achievment item with the assurance that we can get it back later if we change our mind...
  8. Let's just say you'll never need the skyscale. It does everything the others mounts do, but worse. It's a jack-of-all-trades for exploration, but you'll usually be better with another mount when you know the terrain. I did the collection because it was both a good achievment in-game, and a new mount. Though I'll always regret them repurposing yet again the griffon's skull instead of giving us a wyvern mount...
  9. Don't WvW servers rotate regularly so that this situation shifts in favor of everyone successively?
  10. The mount is great overall but I wanted to give some feedback on how the dye channels were handled, particularly the fact that there is only one dye channel for the whole fur body of the mount.There are two cloth peices that we can dye separately, and I'd rather have the smaller one be the same colour as the pattern (as shown on the screenshot below), or even not dyable at all, in order to free a second dye channel for the fur. It could be used to dye the mane as well as the underside of the belly and tails. The longer fur batches on some parts of the body could also be attached to that dye ch
  11. I'm personally really not fund of the Druid's meter, because it does not reset when you leave combat. That might sound like a good thing, but that means it is balanced around that, in turn taking longer to charge from 0 to full. I'd much prefer something like the Warrior's adrenaline, which fills fast but resets upon leaving combat.
  12. Simple solution: Let us have a second name which we can hide. Several people can then have the same first name.
  13. As an elementalist main ever since I've started playing (around 7 years ago), Tempest has always bugged me as a very passive gameplay: You swap into an attunement, wait a few seconds, and use your overload. The idea of reworking overloads into burst skills, with an adrenaline bar, aims to shift the Tempest elite spec into a more pro-active playstyle without removing the core phylosophy: Rewarding players for sticking to an attunement. Leaning into the details of this warrior-inspired mechanic, there are obviously aspects that need further discussion: How many adrenaline thresholds are there? O
  14. imo downstate should be removed in every mode and classes be buffed somewhere else in compensation. I'd rather have a steadier game with only one try than having it undercut by several states of no gameplay that make me feel like I don't deserve victory at the end of a fight. Not to mention that downstate was never balanced and never will be. Just look at ranger self-rez, compare it to what mesmer has.
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