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sPvP core bunker build


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Ok if you're going spvp on a core necro then clearly there's something wrong with you. Welcome to the club ;)


Tough as nails and keeps me in gold 2. Not saying it's a plat or up worthy build, but if you want some tank fun on core necro, this works.Here's the outline of your defenses:

Anti cc:

  • foot in the grave (stunbreak + stab on shroud enter)
  • dark defiance (protection on getting cc'd, 20s cd)
  • well of power (stunbreak + protection + mini stab)
  • spectral armor (stunbreak + protection + lf gain on getting hit)

Anti condi:

  • Consume conditions - all condi cleanse
  • Well of Power - one condi converted to boon per pulse, up to 5
  • Shrouded Removal - one condi on shroud enter + one each 3s after when shrouded
  • Speed of Shadows - chill, cripple and immob removed on shroud enter
  • Sigil of Escape - same story as SoS, when swapping to axe/focus
  • Dark Defiance + Corrupter's Fervor - each grants 20% condi damage reduction when active, up to 40% condi damage reduction
  • Rune of Resistance - 25% condi duration reduction

Anti damage:

  • protection from wells (power, corruption)
  • protection from spectral armor + life force gain (powerful damage soaker if you shroud right after)
  • protection on getting cc'd (dark defiance) and exiting shroud (beyond the veil)
  • tons of toughness from corrupter fervor's stacks + shroud entry

healing and life steal:

  • dagger's #2 life leech
  • wells siphon health
  • massive life steal with lich form #5
  • when ressing ally auto cast well of blood for self and them (also fast ressing with it)
  • bit of lifesteal on everything thanks to vampiric
  • boosted incoming healing with Vital Persistence


  • warhorn #4 - daze for 3s
  • shroud #3 - 1-1.5s fear
  • lich form #3 - 2s fear

Boon Corrupt and removal

  • axe #2 (aoe 2 boon corrupt)
  • dagger #3 - single target 2 boon corrupt
  • focus #5 - single target 3 boon removal
  • well of corruption - aoe 5 boon corrupt (one per pulse)
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