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Looking For Guild!~


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Hello there, Aresenic!

Vegans Ate My Pony [PONY] is a small, all-inclusive Aussie/Kiwi based on Isle of Janthir (you won't have to switch servers for WvW :P)

As a herd of ponies we do group activities such as: WvW/Raids/Fractals/Guild Missions.Currently seeking returning/veteran players to fill our groups. Although we are a casual guild, we are heavily invested in getting things done and having fun in the process, if you are inexperienced or need any help we'd be more than happy to help a fellow pony out!

We also welcome anyone from any timezone, we have a good amount of NA people and a few SEA, you can be sure there is action secured at any time of the day/night.

The use of Discord is encouraged since we believe that communication is essential in any sort of team work.If this catches your attention and want more info or an invite, you can contact:jacobo two.3810necromancin.2396Shivanis.7061


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