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What would be a great and welcome change in WvW?


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Just listing "changes" of existing things & not stuff completely new / additions:

  • Sentry, Dolly Escort & Camp Capture guild missions requiring only one player per event, because it is something you could revitalize guild activity (medium and hard ones) and as a stepping stone for new players to WvW
  • Give us the crafting stations back for the convenience of WvW players, because the two people there have never been a problem with creating queues in the past (perhaps close them, when the map gets a queue, if that is possible)
  • A special event weekend (like the "No downstate" event, but other stuff as well, like "buff guards", "half supply "etc.) half way through a link (which means every 2 months) that also gives us Call of the Mist buffs.
  • Guild Anthems playing when you claim a structure for your guild (from the GH Tavern upgrade)

New stuff:

  • Collections for Obsidian (Mistforged) weapons and Triumphant (Mistforged) Armour
  • New WvW Abilities, like being able to drop supply into depots, faster/cheaper traps, AoE skill to refresh siege (via the action key), salvage supply from destroying mobile siege engines)
  • skins for siege and dollies (e.g. no wintersday dolyaks in WvW, while we have one in Dvinity's Reach?); We had themed sieges in the past, hadn't we?
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