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  1. As we all know it's the new gemstore glider, why is it not disabled in WvW?
  2. I play my Mesmer in WvW when I want to challenge myself to improve. I have both a roaming build and a Zerg support/portal build. When I just want to run with the Zerg and hit buttons without thinking and still support, I play Scrapper.
  3. Well, looking at your signature, it's Boons, and I agree. It's stupid easy to stack boons to high levels with no counterplay. No way to strip them fast enough.
  4. Fantastic! I'm gonna choose one team on one tab, a different team on another, and see if I can play two worlds at once! TWICE THE PIPS!
  5. It's not hard to fix. Here it is, the SUPER SECRET SAUCE: Easy. Simple. Done. Now has the same limitations as everyone else, while still being unique (in that you don't have to move or stop attacking to do it). AMEN! Also, love your signature and agree 101%.
  6. So, Vindicator gets to have 2 dodges, but Mirage still gets to be gutted with one?
  7. Oh, well, at least they are honest now that they really were ignoring us for 3 years. But I would not call what they have done so far in the last year much progress...
  8. Been saying for years that the only way to have a snowballs chance in a hot kitten in balancing WvW is to use the PvP Gear system for it. But now that people have spent near a decade on gearing up, will never happen.
  9. Somebody's got to remind them they promised to at least TRY adding a feature to WvW. You know, just the one.
  11. Way to restore faith that we'll get something, ANYTHING, for WvW there.
  12. I have been trying to make the new Elite Spec work in WvW for Zergs. And I can't. And yeah, you can get more DPS, and it's nice that your F-skills can actually be used because the ammo doesn't die on spawn, but the fact remains that your DPS gain is not enough for the loss in utility trade off. Which brings you back to Chronomancer Support. The lack of distractions for PvE takes you back... to Power Chronomancer. Like, I want to like these new E-specs I paid for, but most of them just don't compete to what came before.
  13. They NEVER should have converted it to a Boon effect. That was the mistake there. When it was unique to Chrono, and didn't count as a boon for things that interacted with boons, it was easier to balance around and actually made the class unique.
  14. But then I would have to have an account on Reddit, which is becoming overrun by the Alt-Right. It's gone the way of YouTube comments....
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