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  1. Logged in to play this week, discovered Ganker's Paradise, logged right back out.
  2. Good, now let us hide other players particle effects.
  3. So, how about that Beta friends!? We all having a blast? ... Oh, wait, Marketing forgot to tell the 2 WvW devs it was actually _on_ did they?
  4. Will this beta need signups or just... happen to us?
  5. I'm looking forward to actual details on Alliances now. Can't dangle the promise with no details and still be taken seriously. ALLIANCES... soon¿? Communication when!?
  6. ALLIANCES... soon¿? ... I just had a heart attack and died. ... Guess I have to switch to Necro to bring myself back from the dead and try it. But kitten, am I worried about "community input" on this after the mess that was Desert Borderlands and the Warclaw rollout...
  7. My friend, do you not mean, Alliances Ever!? Communication when!?
  8. This is the right answer. Alliances Ever!? Communication when!?
  9. You don't understand, it makes the game more like Call of Duty: Fantasy Edition which makes them feel better. Or like Apex, where when no one plays with them, downstate isn't a thing either cause no point with no squad to get you up.
  10. No downstate week? Good week to skip. No one wants to play in gankers paradise. Alliances Ever!? Communication when!?
  11. Alliances Ever!? Communication when!?
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