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Silly Question: What does ALT + 2 do?


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Hello, all,

Key bindings is a reflex :) In WoW, I have bound "Mount" with ALT + 2 since... beginning of times.

So it still happens often in GW2 that when I want to mount, as a reflex, I press ALT + 2. And then, I invariably get the message: "You cannot set or clear markers without the commander present in this map"

So it ended bugging me: What am I asking GW2 to do when I press ALT + 2 and what does this message mean?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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You can replace keybinds. ALT+2 is tied to squad marking. You can shift these 0-9 to use the number pad (which shows up as NUM 0 - NUM 9), and you can appropriate your ALT+2 for mount. If you're not in a squad with available commander, then squad markers can't do anything.

As @Loosmaster.8263 has stated, chances are rebinds don't overwrite existing ones, in which case you will have to rebind the other key, or unbind them.

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