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[IDEA] Favor of the Gods-like (GW1) system to access new META-EVENT-MAP


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I would like to suggest an idea, that I almost forgot.... UW/FoW Areas access from Temple of the Gods in Guild Wars 1 and some other places from anestor.

It's something, that was changing during the lifetime of Guild Wars 1 - for the first few years it was about winning in HoH, later it was about achieving certain, hard to max titles.

What about this system (I know, gods are gone etc...) in GW2?

For example:

  1. FORGING LEGENDARIES - you'll need to craft certain number of legendary weapons to open the rift to HUGE-META-EVENT-WITH-AWESOME-REWARDS (that can take place in Domain of Lost for example (S04E06 - I'm smiling to you).
  2. DAILY EVENTS in 3/4 maps event completion - that would encourage people to take part of some forgotten maps.
  3. SOME RARE ACHIEVEMENTS - system similiar to GW1.
  4. ACCESS based on WvWvW matches - it would come together with the new WvWvW server system
  5. Add something by yourself.
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