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Weaver Montage #8: Oh Long Johnson


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Salutations, Gw2 Forum elementalists o/ o7My last two efforts were, in my mind, acceptable but somewhat short-form and small. I hope this new montage is enjoyable or insightful in some way.Cheers and keep on ganking the shit out of non-ele mains when they least expect it.

Weaver Staff build: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQFAWnMMAdOgtMA+4C8RglBAToS+BOBBBgBQD4uVHrr1A-j1RBQBA4CCYSlgL4BBcFlf4RHBN2fIhq/EAAB4m3MAczbezbezb21t5Nv5Nv5Nv5Nv5NLFggKjA-w

[Oh long johnson is a reference to the youtube clip/video of a cat saying, roughly, "Ohhhh long johnson .... OHHHH DON piaAAaaa-no, WHY eye eyes yah. . . ... ... aaaaalll the live lognh daeh. More of this in my "Funny Guild Moments" playlist]\

edit: also, you will notice there are a few non-ele clips. Sorry for this if you're not interested in them, I'm trying to spice up my video uploads with a little bit of not-necessarily-anticipated content with other classes I've been playing recently.

Below is the other recent montage:

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