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  1. ?hammer is an even better duelist than sword weaver. The only time it isn't is when you fight a top/extremely talented player that knows exactly how to kite around it and still get through it's defenses - even then you can still beat them with hammer. The average pug? No chance whatsoever. Often 1v3 pugs with ease on hammer catalyst. Its just an awareness problem at this point. Hammer is easily the meta duelist/roamer right now and only the eles who have been able to establish some competence on it are aware of it. Lots of "it doesn't work for me so it's bad" to go around, but that doesn'
  2. PvE buffs Thanks for the Vapor Blade aftercast reduction. What an immense change - one whole skill. That's the most we could hope for I suppose.
  3. Warrior/ele? Both can swap faster than 9s, if you're not on warr/ele then I have no idea
  4. ah, ye olde "nothing matters shut up" approach to a subject nothing to worry about here guys may as well close the thread, it's just unranked. Delete it from the game entirely. For real though, pretty sure everything but PvE is dying in this game and has been for years. Simply put, Anet won't care because it doesn't make them as much money.
  5. Looks like you upset some newbies with that one, judging by the sad/confused reacts on this perfectly reasonable post LOL. I just made my 3rd alt as a WvW main and exotics do just fine. OP's complaint is valid in a sense but you can do just fine without any grind whatsoever...
  6. In all seriousness, all Harbinger has to do is bait out your invulns/blocks/evades then faceroll 2-3-4-5 and hold autoattack button to win fights (inb4 git gud etc) meanwhile I'm like math.jpg ; just trying to rotate effectively - I have trained for this moment, I will--- nevermind the harbinger used his autoattack so I'm dead now. can't wait for necro mains to defend it because they can't play anything else.
  7. why https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Tainted_Bolts
  8. Thanks for taking that entire 20 seconds to read my response and retort back with "You're wrong I'm right anet is right you're wrong be quiet". Eloquently stated. I'm done speaking to you 😸
  9. The only thing you've said/are saying is "I like anet's decision. Don't ask why. Be quiet. I'm right. Anet is also right." Staff DPS Weaver has always had one role - massive dps spikes and good constant dps output. It's incredibly squishy/risky and you have to be highly experienced with it to use it effectively/even reach top damage in competent squads because most enemies will just walk out of your damage if you're not clever about it - all the while you're risking melting to 1 & 2-shots bc in order to get optimal damage you must step outside of your boonball/position. Most play
  10. Objectively, I agree with your statement. Contextually, you're being so unreasonable it's difficult to properly express how unreasonable you're being. Anet: "In this patch, we're going to mess things up by altering things that didn't need to be altered. Ranger LB 2 now does minimum 30k damage per hit." Obtena.7952: "Wow you guys sure are edgy disliking father god arenanet's decisions (I worship thee, please look upon me with joy arenanet, have I brought you satisfaction on this day?). Do not question the infallible balancing team, such is their work; infallible and pure! Don't be one
  11. Will answer questions/respond to criticism (maybe).
  12. Could be a horrid series of coincidences but I've played for a few hours at different times throughout the day and each time I've noticed *with no one targeted* ride the lightning will still bring me backward instead of forward. With nothing targeted (yes I'm 100% sure; nothing targeted). Am I missing something? I thought I knew how to avoid this happening 😅 but it keeps happening even when it shouldn't... has this glitch got even worse since the last patch? In any case isn't it kind of silly that this has been a glitch for years and still nothing has been done about it 😅
  13. Mind you a lot of the players I came across were just as new to EoD specs as I was when it was recorded but... this is disproven in the video if you would've watched any of it so, might be a skill issue. You have all those tools at your disposable and you... can have players simply W key away from you? Can't kill anything? I can't relate, man. Ele certainly isn't the top dog atm, especially not Catalyst, but if you find it that poor then I don't think ele/catalyst is the problem. That being said, Pretty spot on tbh. Even with the buffs it's still pretty bad vs most EoD specs (+an
  14. This will help you understand https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarcasm Thanks all! Cheers & I'm used to it no worries lmao, for some reason I upset a lot of people by doing absolutely nothing. Almost as if they're insecure about something and I bring out these insecurities in them by merely existing 🙃. #gamer_problems Look at all those sad/confused reacts hahahaha!
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