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  1. Don't you get tired of repeating that sentence over and over and over and over and over.....? Btw, it isn't really true. The only viable role for a PvE engineer in high end content is as a DPS. Which is a role that can get filled by any class, since they all have dps builds, btw. We are not competitive healers, since we provide nothing but raw healing in dedicated builds while other healing specs bring alot more utility. Not to mention that a healing scrapper/engineer has to completely give up their damage by camping med kit, while other healing specs still dish out damage. We are not viable
  2. I'm all for some ele buffs but realtalk, anyone who says weaver doesn't out-perform every other build/class in raw DPS and down generation is either willfully ignorant or (sorry not sorry) bad at playing staff ele in zergs. I get shit every time I say this and I expect to get at least a couple people calling me bigshot, saying I'm egotistical, arrogant, poking fun at me for having the courage to stand up to falsehood, but nah, staff weaver outperforms everything else right now if done correctly. It's more difficult in serious GVG scenarios where not landing a meteor shower results in a 60% los
  3. this says it allhttps://clips.twitch.tv/ObliqueSavageTubersPanicBasket
  4. And how many of them were able to beat you and/or didn't just fight indefinitely with a sustain-heavy build that can't kill anything? Yes I know there are plenty of good eles in the game but actually go out into WvW and see how often you come across them for yourself. What you're saying is like saying "being a mechanic is as much of a meme as working at mcdonalds because most people are unable to be a mechanic, but most people are able to work at mcdonalds" ... that doesn't hold up to scrutiny very well. If someone disagrees, you can understand why some might take issue.. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Lmao I can't make this kitten up if I tried Did you honestly think I'd bother to read past the title? :lol: Well at least you're honest and have a sense of humour .. not like many of the above posters lol
  6. Oh hey actual contribution to the thread. Thanks for your genuine input. Refreshing to see a reply that isn't about me personally.
  7. I don't understand why a few of you seem to be so obsessed over me. I never said or even slightly implied this. It's like pointing out that 2+2=4 and having people say "LOOK AT THIS GUY, HE'S A MATH GENIUS" ... no, I'm just stating facts ... get over yourself lol, nobody cares if you think I'm bad/good. This thread is not about ME. Please, stop the obsession, it's flattering but pointless and wasteful. Just defaults to "you were outplayed" and ignores everything I said.I'll reply when you respond to my challenge, since your challenge is silly and mine isn't. Seriously you guys are obsessed ab
  8. Too many people in the PvP community actually think like this. Lol.."You made one mistake, have you tried not being trash at the game? I have never made a single mistake ever in my life, which is why I am god"
  9. This is the core problem in trying to have a dialogue with you. You do not understand. You think "weaver, in the right hands, is very good, therefore it's OP. Druid, in the wrong hands, is OP, therefore it's very good". Your logic is backwards and you have now created a strawman to knock down and proclaim "ah! See! He won't do it because weaver is more OP", which isn't the case. For someone who talks so much about skill level, you sure are unwilling to acknowledge that it plays a role in whether or not a build is balanced. Being able to faceroll keys and immob for days is unbalanced. Pressing
  10. Right. Exactly my point. He's not difficult to beat. He's just playing an annoyingly OP build. I would've won easily if not for immobs lol.I'm not even in this little debate for the ego, I don't care if he would've outplayed me regardless because some players can, it's just pretty clear that he won because of a gimmicky build that is overpowered. BRUH @Swagger.1459 said:@"SoulSlavocracy.4902" “I win 7/10, sometimes 8/10 matchups 1v1, not even exaggerating. I do not have issues fighting rangers, generally speaking.” “I'm running half-zerk with DPS traits and can easily 3-shot most builds” “su
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