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Unstable Ping SEA region

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@"penguin.9271" said:People playing from SEA region are having high ping issues for the past few days. Please fix it, thanks.

High ping in how much? 300-350ping is about the range for a good connection from Australia and New ZealandI'm from Australia and I'm ok

There are more things going on in the background, your connection to anet's game servers goes through routing centres, these are basically pathways your ISP buys to connect to different web servers around the world.

cheaper routing centres are more crowded, which is what most home internet's ISP uses to keep the cost down


I remember right before HoT came out, during the limited time Modrem invasion event period, there was a massive outage for SEA players

what happened was one of those routing centres in Sweden had a meltdown; hence why it only affected SEA players, and SEA players can still play if use VPN


Arena Net is not your ISP or Routing Centre, they cannot fix your internet

So before pining your issue on anet, make sure you have done trace route to identify at which point of the route you are getting a slow responsehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traceroute

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