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Optimization and performance

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@Shura.4280 said:Anet could spend some time on optimising the game rather than releasing new episodes/expansions so people can actually enjoy playing them with proper FPS.Having same issue as well, GPU barely uses 30-40% while gw2 on, CPU always bottleneck @100% 3.5ghz with seriously awful FPS..

exactly, new content is pointless if you can't play it smooth and without hickups...my CPU doesn't even utilize full 100% on one core... thats so ridiculous

cpu: xenon e3-1231 v316gb ramgpu: gtx 1070

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Autodetect -> goto WvW with mapzerg vs mapzerg -> notice lagging? tweak some of the options to [option]--

Don't tweak via your FPS state in L.A. or in other Towns in Tyria or elsewhere (coz it's in Idle State, not even Receiving packets from Enemy players/npcs.fromserver ). you doing the top suggestion, your FPS will be alright in PvE massive Events.

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