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[Suggestion] Guild Hall placeable objects for races, mounted or otherwise


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With mounts come races, as we've seen in the new maps.But wouldn't it be great if we could make our own custom races in guild halls with automatic timing and tracking?

Suggestions for implementation.I'm not sure how much interaction you can get out of guild hall placeables, so this is perhaps more about the ideal case rather than the realistic case, butI'm thinking 4 different objects, starting line, gates and finish line as well as a score board if possible.2 modes, high score mode and race mode.When no race is active and you cross the starting line, you enter an adventure style time attack race.When a race is active, there's a countdown and people stand in a marked area in front of the starting line to enter.

The starting line.The starting line, upon interaction (?) lets you start a race. If possible, you could also have optional restrictions for which mounts, if any, are allowed in the race.

The gates.The gates come in different sizes or alternatively have a setting for the size which you can set by interacting with it.You set the order of the gates either via a gate ID, via a dialog on placing it or interacting with it, using a similar system to how signs store their text.Flags for ground based races and rings for air based or underwater races. The same racetrack could use a combination of both types of gates.

The finish line.It's a finish line, not much to say, when you cross it in a race, it announces the race winner throughout the guild hall for participants and non-participants.When in a high score run, it announces your time locally around it and around the starting line and if there's a score board, you get placed on it, if applicable.

Score boards.Different types of settings / objects or possibly showing all of them in a dialog on interaction if it can't be written out on a board.All time high scores, monthly high scores, weekly high scores, daily high scores and most recent times.Or, a bit more advanced, have a statue plinth that displays the statue of the player with the highest score, tying into the system.

Different tracks.Now if possible, it would also be nice if you could set the objects up for different race tracks at the same time as well, designating which track either by having different objects for different tracks, or more preferably a setting for which track ID to use upon interaction / placement.

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