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[EU] Serpents Ire weekly lead

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Hello Tyrian adventurers,Since few months I run Serpents Ire every saturday and every sunday. After a SAB break, I'll go back in Vabbi next week. My goal is to help lonely explorers to complete their Y Golem collection, or their funerary armor collection. I don't need to complete this event myself anymore, but I really like this meta and if you can find regular leads for HoT, you can not find one easily for this particular meta. So here I am.

I open my lfg between 15:00 and 15:30 UTC, every saturday and every sunday. The meta itself begins at 16:00 UTC, but don't join at the last minute. I advertise the whole week before and maps are often full. I come in Vabbi soon enough to:Prepare the map and explain the event for new comersGather people all around, from the lost lonely explorers to the experienced bounty Hunters*And if they are available, to do the two legendary Hydras bounties.

Now why to join me?If you don't have your Golem Y backpack yet, just know that I lead this since Wintersday, every week-end and my squad only got 1 failure. Our last "Mirror of Lyss Zealot" had 2% life left... Very, very, annoying. So I guess my /map advices are not that bad.

If you have all collections related items yet (even the whole Elegy armor collection crafted) and you don't need anything from Isshy Issani the legendary Forgotten anymore, not even the tyniest intact mosaic, just remember how hard it could be to find a squad for you and just join to help others like I do.

I hope we'll meet in Vabbi soon.Kind regards, Mornjack.

Ps: Next runs are scheduled the April 27th and 28th, 16:00 UTC. /sqjoin MorpokkPps: Here is a link to my latest reddit post about this.https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/bbyjue/can_we_talk_about_vabbis_meta_morpokks_back_eu/

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