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I got FPS drops from 60 to 14

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@wanya.1697 said:this is a directx9 game and fps drop in bigger fights are normal lower model limit to reduce it

This is true of any game, no matter which version of DirectX they use. In big fights, any game must do more work to calculate everything that's going on on your screen, and the achievable FPS is reduced. And yes, lowering the model limit will help.

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I have the same issue of everything running very smooth and then it randomly drops to 9 FPS and stays there. It fixes itself if I use a Waypoint, so its like its getting stuck at 9 and needs refreshed. Any suggestions on changes I can make? My graphics card is a AMD Radeon Pro 580. I know its not the greatest, but should more than suffice for the game and runs PERFECTLY outside of these random drops. Ping rate is always fine, so its definitely not an internet issue.

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the packets from your surroundings, which is a collection of different computers plus the packets from your enemies, which is another collection of different computers, the damage that you do, to your enemies which entails another packet delivery and assurance that you delivered the right packets vice versa. the npcs, the gates, the packets that triggers your sound, the frames that always transforms when you change POVs. etc.etc.

yea, and you claim that it's all done in the Processor and the GPU don't do anything.

Try playing using integrated graphics. compare them when you're on dedicated standalone GPU.

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