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Ressing underwater in WvW is bugged

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I know there's a tiny amount of underwater content in WvW, but the bug is super annoying. Ressing a downed player underwater takes a very long time, health ticks are tiny and happen much less frequently than on land. Sometimes I have a feeling it's better to just let somebody ress themselves than to try and help them. If there's even one person attacking, the downed player might as well die because there's no way to help him as he can't self-ress. It's been like that for months if not longer.

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This problem exists since release and in all game modes. The problem is, that drowning players are losing more health than another player can revive. If the drowning player does not use Bandage or swims on the surface, it is nearly impossible to revive him.It is just a sign of ANet’s lack of interest in underwater combat.

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