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State of PvP, where is it even goin?


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PvP used to be enjoyable. You'd hop on a class find a weapon you liked slapped on some traits and had fun with it, sometimes it worked, sometimes you'd get slammed but it was still fun, adjusting builds, testing traits changing the weapon thats what it was all about there was no googling no metabattle it was just pure fun.

I remember filling my 5 characters slots in less than a month, my highest char. being lvl 20, it didnt matter cause all of my time in the game (which was a lot) was spent inside the mist messing around having fun. You know that sweet time when condition damage was pressure instead of burst (I mean really ANet do you not understand what condition means?) when you were a point defender and you couldnt die but you did negative damage (a hint of balance, long forgotten) and then something happened, I stopped playing for a while came back just as HoT struck and suddenly everything was different the core of the game was lost, everything revolved around the new weapons, EVERYTHING, you'd enter a match and you'd know just by looking at the icons if they had HoT or not, and you instantly knew you'd lose (as a non HoT player at the time). As the time passed with each "balance" patch it got worse and worse metabattle became the only thing everyone looked at and you'd have 1 good build and a variant for non expansion having players (good luck) you'd have a class thats able to choose from so many weapons and supported by a variety of traits and specializations and only 1 was good the rest were just plain sh#t. Playing PvP became less and less fun a more of just copy and paste, there is no life to it, no excitement you get from testing if your build works it literally came down to which thing have they buffed in the last patch thats what youre playing. I came here after getting absolutely demolished by a berserker (they were buffed in the last "balance" patch, go figure) 10k dmg from a single instant cast spell how can that even be a thing, instant 10k dmg meanwhile ele earth dagger 5 skill is a long channel that does f#uck all (yes im an ele, dont even get me started on what the did to us).ANet you lost focus of what playing a game actually is, hell you even lost focus of what condition, power, and bunker mean, you have such a good base, good classes with a variety of weapon choice elite specs that add even more to the mix (so much potential for build crafintg) and yet literally 80% of it is not in use, why cant I craft my build around a weapon I like that fits my style of play and have traits that support it. Sad thing is it already has all of that and it doesnt work 'cause the numbers are all off, so what im asking isPLEASE MAKE EVERY WEAPON VIABLE, dont just focus on the last thing you added, do the math, works the numbers, PLAY THE FREAKIN GAME bring me back the PvP I enjoyed so much, people have just accepted everything they are doing and we are not doing anything to stop it and make a change, take a top tier player and ask him whats wrong and in a month you make more progress than you made in the last 3 years.This is not a small problem nor is it something that can be fixed in just one patch its a progress and that progress has been absolute garbage.

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