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kralkatorrik torment is bugged

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Got into kralkatorrik torment heart story arc - cannot continue - gets about 30% to kill Kralk's heart and then nothing - no way to continue - nothing to kill or solve to advance. I have the spear and can't use it - nothing to target - so this is 100% blocking progress

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It's sorta broken. First time I did it one of the mini bosses got bugged and became immune to conditions, and I'm a condi build so that took a while to kill. Then it crashed right before the end. Second time I lowered the graphics to low/lowest hoping it would help. The mini boss only got bugged at 40% so at least it took less time. Crashed on the same place but I left the game on (wait for the game to respond option) and went to write a bug report. I go back to the game to check what the chapter was called, and suddenly I'm in the middle of the end and there's a [spoiler?] dragon going into space.

Try doing it again, at least there's a checkpoint right before the torment battle. or wait for them to fix it, just letting you know there's probably more people getting bugs

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