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[Feedback - spoilers for LW] Where are the lore tidbits collections?

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So in this episode we have a new map that has a quite fun meta and a good enough dose of rewards, and also the extremely controversial skyscale's collections. All in all, the story finally brought some much needed closure to a long standing plotline and it opened up new and exciting possibilities for the future without too much foreshadowing of what is going to happen next; I am perfectly fine with waiting to be surprised on season 5.

However, I have major complaints about the lore of the map itself. Most maps in LW had at the very least some nod to lore tidbits, and at best, they had a full fledged collection achievement that resulted in a book, that could be about a character or about a place. We have things like the Justiciar's diary in Bloodstone Fen, and the books of gods from Siren's Landing, and the book achievement in Istan.

Then when I realized this map was actually 3 pieces from the Fissure of Woe, Melandru's realm and the Underworld, I was pretty excited for a minute before realizing there was no such collection at all, when I expected at least 3. Anet had the chance to at least hint at what is going inside the Fissure of Woe at the moment (the Shadow Armies are still around for one, and the Eternals are all gone), to have some sort of character development for Desmina, and to give just about anything they wanted regarding either Melandru or the Druid creatures. But no, instead they deliberately chose to use these maps as mere templates - it could have been a volcanic continent just like the ring of fire and no one would notice. The fact that these are pieces of the mist is ultimately inconsequential other than the enemy types we see. There is absolutely nothing, no nod to old lore, no collection, not even friendly NPCs for you to talk; we might never hear about those places again and instead of something fancy we get absolute wastelands. For kitten's sake, even the map with a planned leather farming route had more lore put into it lol.

The reason for this I think is precisely the amount of development time wasted employed with the skyscale collections. If only they thought about merging the skyscale lore with the surrounding areas of the mists from which it spawned, but not even that was done, it's just a new draconic species for us to ride and who cares about taking a direct peek at pieces from the realms of human gods. So as a final piece of feedback for the future, do nod properly to GW1 lore if you must use it - because in this case, Kralkatorrik could have fell on any random piece of land and we wouldn't feel any difference.

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