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[Suggestion] Map Scrolling via WASD/Arrow keys

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I only thought about this because of my playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 that the overworld map (default hotkey M) would benefit from the use of WASD and the directional keys to move the map, an alternative to the click and hold.

Obvious problems are the character movement. I do not, but others may use WASD for movement while using the overworld map as guidance for long distances (I.E. the mini map can be hard to locate PoI's that the overworld map displays more prominently). Solution would be a dedicated place in the Options that toggles WASD map movement once the overworld map is open, or simply restrict map movement to the directional arrow keys that no one uses (i think?).

Personally, I do not see any downside to having this map movement alternative to those interested in the General Options, but tucking it away in the Control Options as key bindings would still be functional, further allowing customization.

Not a big deal, but I only noticed this by correcting my brain from game to game of minor UI elements. Would like to hear thoughts and improvements.

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