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[NA][GoM] Looking for WvW roaming guild.

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Looking for some people to roam around and havoc with. I play warrior, thief, necro, and soon to be mesmer (once I gear them). I can be difficult in that I usually don't want to swap off what I feel like playing. Other than I'm down for whatever. I have a good mic and am discord ready.

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Hey mate! I'm in a pretty decent sized guild that loves to havoc and roam, and spend some days supporting commanders or leading ourselves. We're on Borlis Pass but if you're really eager and interested in transferring, we'd love to have you on any of those classes. We aren't occupied with running meta stuff necessarily so that shouldn't be an issue. If you are interested but not able to transfer on your own, we could probably work something out to get you over to hang w/ us :)

Come on in and say hi if you'd like or you can hit me up directly (same name in there as here) --> http://discord.gg/SM7e6TW

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