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sPvP: The Forgotten Gamemode.

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I understand sPvP is in the title. However this post is not meant for the sPvP Thread. This is meant for the general population of Gw2. The subject is not about the rewards of sPvP, but rather the actual core sPvP issues.

Let me start off by saying: Yes, the rewards of sPvP are top tier: 1)We have access to making good amounts of Gold, 2) Prestigous titles, 3) Legendary and ascended armor/weps.So Im not complaining about rewards, however, as a sPvP main player, I have played in all metas from release to now, I have played in Mistpedias, ESL, AG, UGO, ToLs, and ToG (and more but i probably forgot others.) I also have placed 3rd-4th in the last 2 mATs (hoping to get 1st one of these times :)) PS: Im not bragging, I just want ppl to understand I have seen the descent of sPvP to what it is today.

sPvP on release was amazing, it had its issues, but man was it fun and difficult. Granted, most people didn't understand rotations or comps, but balance felt alot more active rather than passive. Also the rewards were pretty good back then too: 1) Automated Tournaments which had very prestigous looking titles (these titles were so good looking, and you could tell they came from sPvP, however the titles we have now look like an achievement-based PvE title) 2)You got gems for placing well in those tournaments.

As we continue from release, the balance started to go south... More passives, brokenly op builds, and bunkers (not support, just bunker) started to take over sPvP. Fast forward to HoT release, the balance was the worst ever it has ever gotten... a few popular op/easy builds that carried players included: bunker mesmer with 85% uptime on evade, ventari rev, bunker scrapper, condi thief. (a few more too but I took some hiatus during this time period as the meta was too gross to play in).

Overall balance before HoT was alot better than what we have now in PoF and HoT. People will argue that cele meta was the worst meta, however it was the highest skill cap, most diverse meta we ever saw: 1) competition was extremely high around this time, 2) different comps and playstyles, 3) forced players to practice hard on their main. Bad players will say that cele meta was not good because it was too op, rather they just got owned by a good player that new how to play that class and got them salty.

Kind of going a little off the path: but 1 thing that was extremely disappointing (it made me so depressed to even think about guild wars 2) was when they annouced they were re-doing the Heart of the Mists (spvp lobby). I was so freaking excited when they announced this.. everybody was alittle hype about getting rid of the ugly brimstone brutalistic style of the original Heart of the Mists. We wanted something like the New Lions Arch or maybe something cool looking from Gw1 Battle Isles... Rather we got a the same skinned ugly Heart the mists, that had been broken up into islands so SPvP players had a reason to by Gem store gliders... (super sad that anet didnt even bother giving our eyes something pleasant to look at)

Ill end it here, and start up more topics if this thread gets some attention.

-Super sad sPvPer.....

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