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[BUG] vision in fractals

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YES! I've just experienced this In WvW right now! I have ONLY Aurora and it's slotted on my toon. As soon as my toon dies, Aurora's aura and swirling balls disappear upon re-spawning. This NEVER happened before prior to Tuesday's patch (release of Vision). And like you said, OP, if i unequip it and re-equip Aurora, its effects come back.

NOTE: this BUG is not limited to just Fractals. And it affects users with just Aurora as well.NOTE2: just ran a test in PvE (Crystal Oasis) - I died and respawned with Aurora equipped, and the aura and swirling balls were gone there too. So I think the game mode doesn't matter.

Edit: Screen shot added.ddIr8r4.jpg

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