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SkyScale Feed back

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So finally finished the collections and mastery grind. Which was not to bad to be honest worked through it at a decent pace. i have no real complaints about that aspect. The mount itself is well somewhat of a disappointment for the work put into it. 1st all the eggs gathered gives the impression that perhaps you'd be able to make your skyscale unique to you. At least have two color channels if not a choice of a few skins. One dye channel and not even skins that you've unlocked out of packs such as branded pack. That is a small disappointment but am sure more skins will come later. After that the movement of the mount. Well I like to be able to hover, but I seem to drop slowly even while hovering. Then if I move forward I can't maintain my height it keeps dropping. I am glad our Helicopters do not operate like that there would be even more deaths. The mount is slower then the griffon it could at least maintain flight longer. Wall clinging we have to use our stamina to replace our flight gage then we jump off and the gage instantly and quickly starts to go away even if we are just hovering. After gage is gone even while hovering we start to fall. At least that's been my experience. Maybe I'm doing something wrong there but if it is intended to be this way it is even worst of a disappointment. Honestly I'd have to say that the SkyScale is a disappointment in the way that it responds at this time. Ways to make it better. Stop the height drop unless we are out of stamina, don't let us climb any higher if out of flight gage. If we are out of stamina then sure make us go to the ground. But at least let us keep our height until then. Don't start the depleting of flight gage after jumping off a cliff (unless we used up all stamina). Those are my thoughts. If you have had a different experience I would love to hear it. If there are tips and tricks that may work to make skyscale better please share.

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