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Can you please make "The Crystal Dragon Pt.2" and "Super Adventure Run" downloadable on Soundcloud?

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Dear Anet,the most important fact first. Thank you for providing the new soundtracks on Soundcloud and make it available to download!Like a lot of your loyal players, I love to listen to your masterpieces also when I'm not able to play.

Sadly it seems like the two tracks "The Crystal Dragon Pt. 2" and "Super Adventure Run" were forgotten to receive their download option on Soundcloud.(In my highest hopes, there are no other reasons)

So my request: Can you set the download-option to these two tracks as well, so I (we) can complete my (our) Offline-GW2 music collection?

Hopefully a lot of people will join me to reach out to Anet to make this happen for all of us to enjoy the beautiful music wholesomely!

Best wishes from your veteran,Sorarey

Some must fight, so that all may be free.

— General Almorra Soulkeeper

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