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  1. I'm so gonna craft these bad boys now! Those visual effects held me back for a long time since I didn't like it at all and now nothing will stop me! Thank you so much Arenanet and give that one engineering guy a nice bonus on his next paycheck! He made us all very happy!
  2. I got a reply from the support after I sent a ticket. Supp told me to report the "bug" with the ingame-report feature. 😰
  3. Just joining the party. I tried to get the Istani Bounty hunter achievement done and didn't get any credit for neither bounty.
  4. Dear Anet,the most important fact first. Thank you for providing the new soundtracks on Soundcloud and make it available to download!Like a lot of your loyal players, I love to listen to your masterpieces also when I'm not able to play. Sadly it seems like the two tracks "The Crystal Dragon Pt. 2" and "Super Adventure Run" were forgotten to receive their download option on Soundcloud.(In my highest hopes, there are no other reasons) So my request: Can you set the download-option to these two tracks as well, so I (we) can complete my (our) Offline-GW2 music collection? Hopefully a lot of people
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