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Stonespite Cleaver

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So I was going through the skyscale thing and had to go down into the dwarven ruins in the Desert Highlands and unlock the doors. Got some consumable trash that gave me an achievement. Some broken pieces of old weapons. Like I said. Got an achievement for it and shrugged. Stuff was useless. But could consume for karma or something and my bags were full. So i did it.

Turns out they are the pieces for the Stonespite Cleaver which is some exotic weapon you have to take the pieces to the dwarven forge to get. OK.Go back to get them again. Not there.Go back with another character to get them. Not there.

So...what do I do?

How do I get them?

Or do I now have no chance of ever getting that weapon because I consumed some consumable trash to free up my bags to be able to keep playing?

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