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The Secret Slaw

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Many of us have encountered this mysterious personage in our travels. Those fighting world bosses everywhere have been fed and gilded with their wares, and harpies has been distributed generously. This thread is to thank that person, the secret slaw slayer, depositing food in inscrutable designs and the occasional pentagram.

Thank you for your Coleslaw.

  • Order of the Sacred Slaw
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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:No thanks from me, as they are often found right on top of the nodes.

The slaw in my instances has only ever been in helpful locations before the start of the fight. If someone is putting it on your nodes, it's not our secret slaw :) It's one of the trolls like those who put mesmer portals or merchants or whatnot.

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I have no idea who our King(s) or Queen(s) of Coleslaw is or are, but I'm beginning to unravel their identity through careful analysis of the placement of the coleslaw feasts, both at each event, and overall on the maps as a whole.(Is it possible I'm overthinking and should be wearing a tinfoil hat?)All hail our salady overlord(s)!

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