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Offering Jumping Puzzle Guiding/Porting Service

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Hey guys!

Since I'm in Jumping Puzzles all the day and helping out people getting these done, I've decided offering it here as well.

If you never had the pleasure meeting me ingame you've now the option requesting some assistance in any JP. Did all of them a few times and doing them solved pretty fast. Since I'm not fully agree with porting through in all kinds, I want to suggest just requesting guiding through. I'm a pretty patient person, so don't be shy and we'll do them together. If you absolutely want to get ported this is possible as well of course.

What does it cost?Doing that for fun, so if you want to know what it costs to you: Its free. Always happy about a small donation, but thats not a requirement.

How do I find you?Not beeing available on regular times, therefore I'd suggest to just mail me (Pardrox.6395) in GuildWars 2. I'm sure we're finding a time we both are available.

Is there any JP you don't port?I'd say "no" but thats not correct at all. We can't do the WvW JP's together if we aren't on the same world for example. So I'll do all of them with you, except some special cases.

On which server are you playing?My main is the EU account I'm currently writing over, but I'm able to offer this for the NA server as well.

Guess these are the most important questions. If you have any further questions feel free to ask.

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Excellent. I came in here, swallowing my pride, in hopes that someone might be able to help me with a JP.

I've done all the JP's so far except for that damn 'Not So Secret' one outside Lion's Arch … whoever designed that JP and then stuck a diving spot in there is a first class [insert favorite insult].

While I would like to finish the puzzle, mostly what I'm looking for is to get up to the diving spot so I can complete the diving achievement and get that mastery point.

I'm on an NA server, playing most days, usually late morning or early afternoon EST time. No worries if that doesn't work for you ... but if it does ... there are shiny coins waiting.

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