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I don't think it is possible to do anything other than shake my head at the poor NA matchups again. The ANET thought process is in quotes.

  1. YB/SoR: "Hey, let's take two servers that were cemented at the bottom of T4 and pair them again. Yeah, sounds like a good idea"
  2. DB/ET: "We won't want YB/SoR to feel lonely, so they can play against DB for the next 8 weeks"
  3. BG: "Let's pair BG again. This is a great way to get T2 servers to stop playing mid-week because no one wants to move to T1. Less players are good apparently"
  4. FC/JQ: "FC is great at tanking. Let's see if they can do it with a stronger JQ link. hahaha"
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