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Stop Being Serious (but still try)


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I learnt this the hard way, and have finally found the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • GW2 will never be Esports, it tried and failed. Even if it did manage to somehow prevail you won't be making money like the guys that play Dota 2.
  • The main focus of this game is PvE, its an MMO after all.
  • The population is extremely low (for PvP) therefore your matches will rarely be balanced.
  • We have had the same game mode since release, don't expect constant content updates to PvP.
  • Many ArenaNet staff were laid off, the resources for the PvP team is small.
  • You won't get a job IRL if you have God of PvP on your CV.

Some wise words;Still try your hardest to win, though at the end of the day if you lose don't take it personally.

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I think it's more being serious when called for, and then knowing how to break away from that seriousness to detach and relax.If you don't put any effort into a game, i.e. "stop being serious", then eventually you won't have the purposefulness/will to keep playing. Not even the occasional fun game will save you.Sometimes we just get too caught up in our contribution/investment into something, and feel entitlement to certain outcomes like winning a game a certain way. But, that is actually fine, because you do care about the game - just have to self-adjust after the win/loss and not let the expectation build up to unhealthy egotistical levels.

So go ahead and tryhard - just don't let the tryhardiness affect you after the game ends, no matter the outcome.

! And controlling your own mind like that takes "true" understanding of yourself; not who you defined yourself to be, but the real personality underneath - no matter how uncomfortable you might be with your true nature.

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