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[Suggestion] Offer New Skin Complexions in Total Makeover Kit Please

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Been thinking about this for a while, though lately, my recent attempt to make a character look like cute, lil' ol' Lady Camilla ended in failure, as it turns out, she has a skin tone that's not selectable in the Total Makeover Kit. Her complexion has a darker yellow to it that I've wanted to be able to choose since it matches the Champagne hair color perfectly! (Also can't 100% match her character height either, but that's whatever). I feel it'd also be a good fit for more Asian-themed characters. ... Or Canthan-themed.

Now, we also have a very dark skin, Dark 5, that's nearly monochromatic. It'd be nice to also have a super white skin! Like for making vampires, close to Light 13, but also colorless. Unfortunately, infusions that change skin color seem to remove all contrast from a character's face and features, so I don't really get behind those much. And since every now and then we get releases that add hair color and eye color to the Total Makeover Kit, could there be new skin color options too? Just a suggestion.

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