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  1. With the new book reading emote and the book reading chair, and the whole concept of that new faction in Soto, I feel like a return of the Reading Glasses Gem Store Item would be good! They haven't been in the store since June 12th, 2022.
  2. @Kalavier.1097 Well, fair enough on the concerned about Tyria point. Read through it too fast, but yes I've still seen the letter before. Though I don't know how else to explain that I'm looking for absolutes instead of "very likely this," and was seeing if people found some juicy lore in SotO that gave more attention to present Tyria than a couple lines amounting to "peaceful, rebuilding, and now there's rifts." Also: the Nightmare Court's biggest ambition is corrupting the Pale Tree, but they'll spread nightmare (or rather suffering and pain) anywhere. When it comes to corrupting the Dream of Dreams with more painful memories, the best target is other sylvari certainly, though that can also be achieved by an indirect means like, say, corrupting the Terebinth tree, a revered landmark to sylvari that could dishearten them. They've also tormented Skritt, Mosshearts, and Hylek. (And technically everyone in Kessex Hills). But I feel that's enough derailing.
  3. Well, as I've said, that's all guess work. Probable, sure, and that's fine, but still nothing saying "the Nightmare court is now XYZ". That is what I'm looking for, but for the state of Tyria, not just the court. Now, if staying with speculation, Chrysanthea being wary of the Pact (which took a huge blow at the time too) and attacks lessening on the Grove are like apples and oranges. They had all of PoF and EoD to strike while the Pact was distracted if they were the primary concern. I'd imagine both sides were just rebuilding. Also, a name like Chrysanthea doesn't strike me as a sylvari NPC that was ever planned to be developed much. Just picked a flower, changed it a little, and called it a day.
  4. @Kalavier.1097 I've seen that note, yes. Within it, Chrysanthea is already mentioned to be a Duchess, complete with her own faction, and when you see her in Dragon's Stand, even as Faolain is dead, she's still just a Duchess. (On a side note, getting to that rank to begin with involves Faolain's say and thus would make her a part of the inner circle, but that's neither here nor there). Granted, Chrysanthea's lane was scrapped, and you see no other courtiers out there, so a lot of speculation could be had... We don't know if the attacks have lessened because she took over or if they've just run out of members. Or if Mordremoth's experience has them all shaken. Nothing's set in stone. "Very likely to seize power" and "seized power" are two different things. Also wouldn't know if she swayed anyone or if they just respect rank as per their ways. For all we know there could be others of rank somewhere about! But, yes. I was looking for more solid evidence of things and not maybe-maybe nots. The writing very often provides the former.
  5. I've yet to see anything claiming that she became the "Grand" Duchess, but she did have the title Duchess when we see her in Dragon's Stand.
  6. Though I was looking for more in-game examples, someone pointed me to this: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/after-the-dragon-cycle/ It still didn't give too much. Peculiarly, the sylvari recovering from Heart of Thorns...which would've been eight years ago...I don't know about that. Also wasn't interested in what Braham, Kasmeer, Taimi, etc. were doing, but the overall world as far as what's still threatening what, schemes going on, how Hoelbrak, Black Citidel, Sandswept Isles look now (if I recall, the Dragonvoid burst out of the ground in those regions), if they ever built that one fort finally in Caledon Forest, if Divinity's Reach's carnival ever opened or Mona's Shooting Gallery ever stopped being booked. (Okay, I'm kidding about those last two). Are the Inquest defunct, and if they are, would they still be represented in Rata Sum? Nightmare Court attacks on the Grove have lessened, but do we know why? What's the point of the Pact anymore? Even pushing the Dragonvoid corruption stuff aside, the Dragons were there to prevent Tyria from having excess magic, and now that they're all dead (and Aurene specifically does not hold magic) and the magic they held in them has gone back into the leylines and into the world...nothing happens? Or was it just that the Priory and Asura and anyone else had been wrong about their research the entire time? (And even Soo-Won apparently). But I also understand Soto is going to focus more on Soto things, so I can see them not covering much from Commander's perspective.
  7. Looking for more tidbits about the state of the rest of Tyria unrelated to the Horn of Maguuma: enemies, cities, any such magical anomalies and the consequences of the world being in its highest magical state in history. So far, all I've gathered was "very peaceful until rifts started appearing."
  8. OP @Mell.4873, I've a feeling you might get your wish at some point in the future (maybe not an expansion, but possibly a map), but maybe not in the way one expects... This is just a theory, but one thing I noticed at least in the first SotO map was something I've never seen before anywhere else in the game--the ability to go "underwater" in certain elevated pockets coded for it instead of a generalized height level that would always be water when you went below it. Given the playerbase's general disdain of underwater combat, I could see players maybe swimming down to an underwater city and then entering it to then fight in an "air pocket" that will have land combat rules. It could be one of the Tethyos Houses of the largos perhaps, which might explain why an amphibious race that's 99% underwater just so happens to be very adept at fighting on land for however long they've existed.
  9. To answer the question directly ... something to cover "high base health, medium armor." We don't have one of those. It's not necessary of course, but it's something I've noticed in the past. However, you have to keep in mind two probable issues for this argument: 1. A new class at this stage would imply new accompanying Elite Specilalizations with said class anyway. Or 2. Releasing a core only new class would sit well with generally no one.
  10. I see. A preference for pure (or mostly) ranged versus a preference for a spec with varied options. That's fine. I mainly picked ele to be it as I find it to be the most visually pleasing class to add animations to of the three to me, and beyond that just would like to see them on a light class, any of them, period. Anything else about perceived playstyles, ya'll have fun talking about that. As long as we remember A.net could code anything to do whatever.
  11. Why not both? Elite specs and corresponding weapons should be multifaceted. Just slap on some other optional traits that would make staff and other ranged options not terrible, and if a longbow is that needed (the new weapon can be whatever; we have greatswords shooting energy beams and hammers shooting ... hammers in the game), that has nothing to do with the utility skills. EDIT: Actually, in thinking over things while driving, ele has some of its utilities change behavior based on attunement, so there's easy room for versatility! Imagine a kick that creates a 1,200 range explosion in Fire Attunement yet causes float and deals rapidly striking damage at close range in Air Attunement. Etc. Though I mentioned ele, I wouldn't mind them for mesmer or necro either. Just any light class for animations-sake.
  12. I'd like to see a light profession with physical utilities (namely punches and kicks) on an elite spec at some point. Preferably ele.
  13. ... be able to slowly move as well as display your back item. A small request! ❤️ Either way, thank you, A.net!
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