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Broken auto attack

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So I get that skills that need you to click on them to put them where you want to do not work for auto attack and even have a lock icon to show this. However why do utlity skills not have this icon as well then? Is there some mastery you need for this, is this a bug, or is there an option I have turned off to let utility skills be set to auto attack? It doesn't matter if I'm targeting something, being attacked, or anything.
The wiki doesn't give proper info on why, I can't find any diffrence between Auto attacks what will keep going vs ones that never work (aside from AoE ground clickers having a lock) and I've been wracking my brain trying to think of why this is.

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Just tested it out with Mantra of Potence, and it works fine for both states of the skill, i.e. it will automatically prepare the mantra, and spend a charge with able to.

Do keep in mind that most auto-casts do not trigger out of combat.

If you can provide some more information on what you want to achieve, maybe we can help you debug this "broken auto attack" situation.

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I've done some extra testing myself and it's a very VERY strange bug. It's very common with necro builds that have any minnions it would seem as Auto attacks that work "out of battle" aren't really out of battle but if being aggroed. Testing it on a battle only shout skill the skills works as needed on auto while I'm fighting alone but the moment I pull out minions to take the agro yet still put me in a battle mode the auto stops working.
The shout in question is the freezing one, just started filling in reaper class, and thought the ice shout would be a nice bit to keep foes from getting in range of me while I worry about evading. I'm sure it's a silly idea but the auto attack not working properly bugged me.Heck even when going to get a screen shot or two I got diffrent results. Sometimes I had to start a fight other times I just had to be aggroed. But sometimes even after doing the first attack as seen in the screen shot the skill doesn't go off.gw004.jpg

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