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It seems to me one of the best things that could happen to this game would be that classic-style dungeons get conceptually unified with the LW, instead of being an independent content system that just flaps in the wind because it was canceled years ago. They could be integrated into LW reward/achievement systems and be featured as a story-driven timeline from pre-LW1 (they could also do this with the Personal Story, but it would take a lot more work.)

So, as part of an update to the LW framework, classic dungeons would be brought in alongside an improved companion system and LW1. Then, new non-Fotm dungeons would be developed by the LW team and delivered through LW story instances that you would explore with your favorite NPCs (and potentially other players) using roughly the same challenge level that story instances today have. You would then be able to run these instances, just like the classic dungeons, in story mode or exploration mode.

All in all, it would be a way of bringing classic dungeons back to life without maintaining a separate team or content delivery system while also developing the LW in a way that makes it more interesting.

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