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Return PvP into the state before HoT was released


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Right before HoT was released the PvP in this game was the best it has ever been. Of course it was not perfect and had some builds that were slightly to strong, but all in all it was far better.

Not everyone could spam everything on cd and you had to time your skills. Not everyone did have 10+ sec of spamable invulerability. All 8 classes had viable builds. Condition damage and removal as well as boon application and removal were not "powercreeped" at all.

Of course all "balance" nerfs or buffs to core classes would have to be reverted to the time before HoT. Keep the elite specs in WvW, but take them out of PvP, same goes for revenant. Then take your time and balance each elite and revenant to be on par with the core classes from that time. Only in PvP.

Some years back i played a lot of mobas, i played LoL (reached Diamond for several seasons in a row), DotA 2 and also Smite, and i could compare the PvP of GW2 to those mobas, especially Smite. GW2 PvP was basicly Smite with different objectives and everyone at max level right away but the combat was really similar and super fun.

And then came HoT and with it the powercreep that ruined this PvP (well it turned from great into a meme). I mean it's still alright every now and then for one or two games but that's it. And PoF didn't change anything, it's exactly the same as HoT was.

I know that this would be a hard decision to make for anet, but i think this games PvP would benefit greatly from it. Maybe anet could make a poll like we had a few for WvW already and see what others would think about that idea.

Anyway i'd like to hear your opinions about this.

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The hard counters were just as bad, if not worse, than now. A condi build literally could not kill a cele ele (especially one running Diamond Skin), no matter how skilled the player behind it was. Cele signet necro, as I recall, pretty much hard countered cele ele. I really don't see it as appreciably better than the current meta.

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