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LFGuild, CD Server, North America, Perferably Pacific or Mountain time zones

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Fairly new player looking for a guild. As the subject states, North America Crystal Desert Server. To be specific Arizona time zone, but that may be too focused/limited, so Pacific and/or Mountain time zones would work as well. I have done some PvE (core main story line and mapping), and some PvP. I'm not exactly sure where my interests lie, but possibly more PvP or eventually WvW. I recently picked up the two expansions, but have yet to play them. Thank you for looking at this request.

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For WvW, there are a few guilds in your TZ for WvW on Christian Decency. They include [AS], [VII] (both "fight" guilds, don't laugh), SOAR, NUDE, and likely a few more I'm forgetting that are core CD WvW guilds.

Feel free to join CD discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/gJWPPYa and ask about joining a guild that runs in your TZ.

We're a fun, family friendly, non-toxic server that enjoys ruling over Tier 4 month after month after month.

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