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Glyph of Alchemy bug

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Today Jul 17, about 90 minutes after reset and after the latest patch, in US Central time zone.

The character was a level 80 human ranger, going solo.

I used a skyscale hatchling logging tool with Glyph of Alchemy in it to harvest a Tukawa Sapling in Harathi Hinterlands and got Ruined Plant Fibers. Tukawa gives seasoned logs, the glyph of alchemy should have made them hard wood logs. When I took the glyph out, the tool gave me seasoned logs. It was the first time I had harvested anything all day (doing the boss rush!), so bumping up against some quota wasn't an issue.

In the past, I've used glyph of alchemy in a permanent logging tool to get ancient wood from elder wood nodes in Orr with no issue.

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