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[NA] Introducing Kaii's Traveling Repository!

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Have you come across an odd traveling merchant, standing around with his ghost quaggan sidekick, shouting for people to "come on over"? Have you been astounded by his deeply deeply deeply discounted wares? If so, you may have come across Kaii's Traveling Repository!

What is this crazy nonsense you ask? Well...every now and then, you may come across this individual advertising his odd assortment of items. Now I don't know how he does it, but utilizing what must be some insane bartering skills, this merchant is able to offer items at massive price reductions. Why just the other day I bought a mystic coin from him for only 11 silver!

Sounds like a scam you say?! Well no! This very trusting merchant will happily mail you the item BEFORE receiving payment for it! WHAT FAITH HE HAS IN PEOPLE!

(but beware! if you do not honor his faith and pay the price he asks after accepting the deal, he will never do business with you again!)

I hope you come across him sometime soon!

Signed Krett "The Vapor", Asuran Synergy Specialist

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I've come across a lot of confusion in the game due to the roleplay-ish nature of this post. As well as people who are unfamiliar with myself and [TTR] The Traveling Repository.The general idea of this venture, is to have some fun, add a small amount of roleplay to your everyday maps, and to give players a huge price break on both everyday items, as well as the not so everyday item, here and there.While it is not exactly a "giveaway" as the merchants will ask for money in return for the items, it is always a VERY low amount in comparison to the actual value of the items. We do generally make up the prices randomly to a certain degree, but it's a general rule that what we charge is never more than 1/10th of the actual value of the item(s).

Some players do send the money first, but we are always willing to send the items before receiving payment, to avoid any sort of scandal. Considering that we are just trying to give people some items for very little, it's not a huge hassle to us if someone runs off with something we offer. However we do record the account name of people who do this, and we do not do business with them again.

If you see someone announce the traveling repository on your map, they will not respond to questions in map chat. They MIGHT respond to whisper, if someone wants an explanation, but it's up to them. It's up to the players on the map to locate the merchant wandering around on the roads (they will always be on a map-marked road, not off in random corners). The merchant will then respond to you. Some will announce their prices, others will ask what you offer for it, and they might even make a counter offer. But remember, its all in good fun, and while they may "haggle" you will always get the item at an exceedingly low price.Please keep in mind that anyone who is associated with this post WILL have The Traveling Repository [TTR] displayed as their active guild while they are selling, and will NEVER ask you to send the money first. Let me emphasize that. NEVER.

Good luck and have fun!

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