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Found an invisible wall in the "The Crystal Dragon" instance that can get you stuck...

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...in a spot that you can't escape from.

I'd attach a screenshot, but it's not possible with these new forums and I don't have an image hosting service. It's after using the final crystal, between the second and third arrow and on the southern side of the path. You can get to it by initially flying out, getting the "you are flying too close to Kralkatorrik" message, and then attempting to get back on the path - an invisible wall prevents you from getting back on the path, and if you are dismounted in the wrong spot, it's too cramped to mount up (because of the invisible wall) and impossible to get out of on foot, requiring restarting the instance.

(Any chance we can have /resign work in story instances as a general catch-all for this sort of thing in the future?)

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