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  1. We've seen Timewarp and Feel My Wrath nerfed specifically to avoid the situation of a group being able to role-compress out a support by distributing Quickness across one skill apiece for otherwise optimised DPS builds. After that experience, I can't see ArenaNet letting it happen with alacrity. The small amount of alacrity you cited is enough for several rangers bouncing it off one another to get 100% uptime, which I can pretty much guarantee would become meta unless the overall DPS loss was similar to having a dedicated alacrity giver. Alacrity on a pet is also particularly diffi
  2. Technically speaking, assassins had it first.
  3. Oh, hey. Looks like the new elite is based around... keeping and enhancing the pet. We'll see how it actually works in the GuildChat (and whether that works in the beta).
  4. Eh, if it actually does shoot shadow bolts than scepter is fully justified. From what we saw in the teaser, though, it could just be "magical energy dissipates on impact" rather than shadow bolts. Again, we'll see in the GuildChat.
  5. Yeah, that's what I was thinking of. Could just be a fancy effect of energy discharging through the target, but could be an indication that it's actually ranged. However, the video certainly does make it look like a melee weapon. We'll find out in a few days.
  6. I've been wondering about that myself. It's possible that there's ranged stuff that hasn't really appeared in the video, but if it is what it looks like, I do wonder if axe or mace could have done the job. Axe in particular could have made Astralaria available, for instance.
  7. It's also worth noting that Shadow Portal replaced a trap which had a similar 'prepare a location to port to later' theme, it just couldn't port allies and was pretty janky overall so it wasn't used much.
  8. Animations are a bit strange. Most of what we're shown is in melee range, but there are signs there might be projectiles in there that we're not seeing very well because it IS point-blank. We'll find out when the full stream hits, I guess. More broadly... kinda feels like druid but with barrier instead of direct healing. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  9. It somewhat amazes me how many people seem to be thinking that the Bladesworn thing of showing a profession mechanic rather than the weapon is being repeated. It happened with the thief silhouette, and now it seems to be happening here. To be fair, it's not impossible - but with bladesworn, we could clearly see that it wasn't a pistol. With the thief and engineer elites, the silhouettes fit scepter and mace respectively, and those are the weapons we're expecting due to the box mining. It's overwhelmingly more likely that we're looking at mace here, however strange the pose is.
  10. Could take the approach that the effect of the jump is a mix of healing and damage depending on which skills are being flipped. So if you're flipping all Viktor skills, it's all healing, and it's all DPS if you're flipping Archemorus skills, but it's a smaller amount of both if there's a mix. Or, flip it around and make the jump effect be based on the skills you switch TO. For better or worse, that would allow the spec to act as a full DPS or full healer depending on what the player wants.
  11. Armaments, perhaps, depending on what Rune of the Bladesworn does? Having them behave similarly to Renegede summons could also work. Fire off a barrage of attacks and then detonate automatically.
  12. You think a "can't have pets out ever" elite specialisation is going to fix the "half my traits aren't useful" problem when soulbeast didn't? Or, alternatively, you could get more skills, including being able to combine CC with damage skills, by having more active control over pet skill use. Which is pretty much how GW1 bunny thumper worked. But I really don't think ArenaNet is going to make a weapon so important to the elite spec that you miss out on part of the spec's mechanic if you don't use it, which is basically what you're proposing. Anything with that sort of mechanic is more l
  13. I disagree. Possibilities for such a situation can involve setting up comboes that can happen faster because they involve two skills happening simultaneously (both in terms of combo fields/finishers, and in terms of skills that happen to chain well, such as one entity setting up a CC while the other spikes it... which is pretty much how bunny thumper operated). Consider, for instance, the possibility of having the pet leashed close enough to you that you don't need to use F1 and F3 to control it. Instead, those function keys are used to command the pet to use its non-autoattack skills instead.
  14. Yeah, pretty much. It's one of two professions where I think ArenaNet really needs to bite the bullet and give them another core weapon, otherwise they're going to keep having the same issues with every elite specialisation they design.
  15. I think the reason why necromancer minions are a little more accepted than turrets is that necromancer minions still require the necromancer to be fairly close to the action, and most minions are in fact melee. Turrets, however, allowed for a significant ability to add pressure to an area where the turrets are in a difficult-to-reach spot, and the engineer is somewhere else entirely. As an example, I've played games on Khylo as a roamer soulbeast where I'd run through the teamfight at mid while travelling from home to far or vice versa, drop an Entangle and a couple of fields into
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