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  1. Eh. You're right in that people should never feel forced to play the most difficult builds due to the meta. The problem is, after promising not to, ArenaNet is still balancing based on golem numbers rather than the meta. A more difficult profession should be able to achieve better numbers with a perfect rotation against a golem, because under real conditions, they're probably not getting that perfect rotation: the harder builds need a bit more leeway to be imperfect while still dealing competitive damage. More attention in PvE balancing needs to go to the play rates. If a profession has top or near-top golem benchmarks but still has a miniscule play rate, there's probably something that means they're not generally achieving that level of performance in real situations.
  2. Putting alacrity on the rifle ambush would also enable heal alacrity mirage. From what I've heard it's a build that's already so close to existing that alacrity on rifle ambush would probably be enough to tip it over the line.
  3. Oh, nooooo, the weapon specifically designed to enable heal mesmer is best used for the purpose of sustained healing! Such terrible design! Just because you disagree with the 'bring the player, not the profession' design philosophy does not mean that weapons that serve to enable that philosophy are poorly designed. Rifle has a job. Funnily enough, that job is what it's good at. It's not like mesmer has any shortage of single-target ranged damage options, which is what rifle normally focuses on.
  4. You say I'm wrong, but then you demonstrate that I'm right. The symbol does damage. You get extra damage when shooting at a target within the symbol, even with non-projectile attacks like Pistol 2, in the form of burning stacks. I never specified that the damage I was talking about had to be strike damage. As for your condescending 'you're thinking about PvE'... oh, please. I've done my time in sPvP, although I'm taking a break from it now. People won't stand on a damaging field without good reason, it's true. But if your damaging field pushes an enemy off a contested point, you win anyway. Meanwhile, people generally won't let you just stand in a static position and shoot either. They'll drop their own fields on you, CC you out of it, or just pressure you enough that you need to kite... or, alternatively, they'll LOS you. Ground targeting means you can place it where you want it, but if I had to choose, I'd want it placed at the enemy instead of my own feet in every mode. I'm sure you could come up with some scenarios where placing it at your feet is better, but I'm pretty sure I could come up with more where being able to place it on the enemy while staying at range is better, even if we just restrict things to competitive modes.
  5. Specific roles are exactly what I'm asking for myself, albeit in a context of 'something you bring along to fill a gap in what your primary weapon offers' rather than something that you just toss into a rotation to bump your DPS up by 5%. Shield is your substitute for a defensive set. It just needs smoother conjure mechanics and maybe some numbers tweaks. PvE use case: You're tanking, or you're getting pressured in open world and need some recovery time. Hammer is a substitute for a melee set. It's skills are in line with melee hammers on other professions: a mix of melee damage and CCs that help keep you from being overwhelmed. It, too, just needs smoother conjure mechanics and maybe some numbers tweaks. PvE use case: You're getting mobbed, or your regular weapon is projectile-based and the enemy just used projectile hate, or it's one of those enemies that just decides it's going to be immune to ranged for some reason. Axe and bow are the problematic ones. Axe needs to be full ranged: there's no use case for a conjure that tries to have it both ways. Bow needs to decide on whether it's support or ranged damage and just commit. Greatsword is an elite, so it can be allowed to be 'just be stronger for the duration'. Take away the second weapon so they don't need to factor in two people getting that powerup (or the powerup lasting twice as long) and it can be balanced appropriately.
  6. There are individual skills that are bad, weapons that are bad, some traitlines that are bad. Nobody's saying that everything that isn't engineer is fine. I'd say that some professions are even worse off. But an implication that every profession is equally bad is patently untrue. Turrets were supposed to be a core part of their identity. They're the spiritual successor to ritualist spirits (if you go back to the Factions marketing, even, ritualist was basically an exercise in making an engineer playstyle in a setting that had a lower tech level). I'm pretty sure no other profession has had a functionality completely abandoned for nearly a full decade now that was a core part of its identity.
  7. If you think removing a weapon entirely and rushing something else out the door even faster is going to give you something better, then you don't understand how making anything works. Elepistol is terrible, but you're better off asking for it to be improved, or just demanding that they do better next time, then expecting them to come up with something decent on a short enough timeframe that it's released before the next wave.
  8. Doesn't need to hit super-hard, but there's room for support weapons to still be a decent complement/utility/sustain weapon on a DPS build. Revenant staff would probably be an appropriate target to aim for.
  9. There are variations. There are some where you've just got a couple of... people who mostly play one profession and always think the grass is greener on the other side, and there are some where the people who play everything generally agree are not receiving the attention they should. Every profession does have problems, mind you, but there are some that are shoe pebbles, and some that are sucking chest wounds.
  10. Hard to say without reading their minds, but I think limited time and having a priority order is a sufficient explanation. ArenaNet does have a tendency to eventually fix something out of the blue that people thought was being ignored, so I think a big part of the problem is that they've grown increasingly averse to acknowledging a problem until they already have a solution ready. Which, mind you, is still not a good look. I do have to say that there's a degree to which if there's a priority order, mesmer rifle isn't at the top. Most of the complaints I see are based on people wanting it to be a DPS weapon (mesmer already has four ranged weapons that can be used for DPS, buff those if needed) or overexaggerating the importance of the portal (it's cute, but it's not what the weapon is for). Mesmer rifle is designed for a specific purpose, and from what I've seen from the people using it for that purpose, it does it well. EDIT Apart from being a complete failure for support mirage, that is.
  11. Yeah, replacement altogether is not happening. If pistol feels rushed, throwing some replacement together outside of the normal cycle isn't going to be better.
  12. There are several big problems with the 'foot targeting is better' argument: The most important is that shooting out of the symbol only works for the skills that are projectiles. That's pretty much limited to skills 1 and 4 on pistols - and if you're relying on skill 4 to make it worthwhile, that's forcing you to always use them as a pair. A big part of the power budget relies on the target, not you, being in the symbol. The symbol does damage directly. The symbol causes other attacks to do more damage if the target is within the symbol. This applies even to the projectile attacks you're considering: firing skill 4 at a target in the symbol will achieve more than standing in the symbol and firing skill 4 at a target outside the symbol. Third, you're considering situations where the target might move, but not situations where YOU might have to. In most boss fights, placing the symbol under the target is a safer bet than trying to stay in it yourself while avoiding attacks and mechanics. In competitive, placing a symbol on an objective being contested is still a safer bet than trying to stay within the symbol yourself. Finally... dude, if you don't like ground-targeting, guardian isn't as bad as engineer but it probably still isn't for you. Every elite spec has a ground target in its mechanic. Every other ranged weapon has at least one ground target. Several important utilities are ground targeted. Avoiding taking half a second to place a circle is NOT worth kneecapping the entire set.
  13. To be fair, I think the bug being described here wasn't present in the beta. The mechanics just being terrible even when they were acting as intended, now...
  14. Not all, certainly not to the same extent. Turrets, for instance, were supposed to have been a big part of engineer's identity, and they've been dead since before Heart of Thorns. There's real potential to rework them into something that fits into the game, similar to what they've done with mesmer phantasms, guardian spirit weapons, and ranger spirits, but apparently they're just not a priority.
  15. I see where you're coming from, and that's probably what the devs were thinking as well. I could point out how there are interactions between skills that happen organically with staff and scepter, without needing something like the bullet mechanic, because of the distinctive behaviours of the skills in question. However, possibly more importantly: There's no reason, apart from developer resources, that we couldn't have had both. And it really does feel as if the devs have been skimping on ele after Path of Fire. Catalyst feels like it's been assembled out of pieces left on the cutting room floor after Tempest and Weaver. It works, but it still feels like it worked because it copied the homework of its elder siblings. Hammer is mostly melee attacks with particle effects, and the exceptions are, with a couple of exceptions, still pretty simple. And now we have pistol where most of the skills feel like I cast bullet, I cast bullet, I cast bullet again and that's great. Also, while we're at it, the second weapon in a row that is gimmick-based (a gimmick that many people find just serves to make complicated ele rotations even more complicated). Now, I'm sure it would be even worse without the gimmick, and if the gimmick is enough for you to have fun for it, good for you. However, I would ask this: Do you think you'd be having less fun if it had more distinctive skills AND the gimmick?
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