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  1. Like bears to a beehive. But the owner knows people. Dangerous people.
  2. I think most people have been fairly up-front about what they're saying, the exceptions being people who try to turn it into a discussion over the definitions of terms used (ie, semantics) instead of where people want future development of the elementalist to go. Ultimately, the classic mage archetype is one of a more stand-off role. It doesn't mean that alternative interpretations are invalid, but adding battlemage concept after battlemage concept after battlemage concept while neglecting the core archetype does start to look like putting the cart before the horse. Oh, ple
  3. It's been pretty clear what most people in the thread have been arguing for or against, apart from Jski's weird argument that 'magic' should have a special damage type or more condis. Part of the context of the wider discussion is that a classic archetype is being neglected and people are upset about that. There's nothing wrong with doing something unusual every so often - in fact, it offers valuable spice in a game of this nature - but people have the right to ask for the more conventional interpretations as well. There are few good reasons for elementalist to go 3/3 on melee-focu
  4. Which is why I've used terms like 'typical mage' or 'traditional mage' or 'classic mage'. I've seen people use the term 'battlemage' for what the elementalist has become, and that term, while accurate, still has the term 'mage' in it. But that's semantics. Literally. Not the colloquial sense of 'semantics' to refer to an argument that sounds impressive but is just smoke and mirrors, it explicitly falls under the definition of lexical semantics, or the analysis of word meanings. But it's still an attempt to smokescreen over the underlying complaint by arguing a minor poi
  5. Seriously, the tempest build you posted is spending half its time in air overload (max 360 radius, and you're probably only that far away if you're happy only hitting one target), and that's not including the lightning storm on hammer. Sure, it might not technically be in sword's length, and there may be some effects that you're just outside of as a result, but it's still so different from what people are asking for when it comes to the classic ranged mage archetype that posting it as a response to such requests is simply misrepresentation. You can nitpick over what people regard as 'melee' al
  6. I ran something similar for a bit in conquest a couple of years ago. Can't remember why I swapped out now. Healbreaker is/was probably better in conquest, but I could see the area attacks on bowzerker being more of an advantage and the reduced durability less of a disadvantage in stronghold.
  7. 5-13 stacks might be less than 20, but it's still a lot to just tack onto a skill that also has decent power coefficients. And if you put it on GS2 instead, it's a reliable chill every 3 seconds which can be used more reliably for CC in general, and provides synergy (follow up with the big GS5) rather than having your soft CC and big damage skill in the same skill. It's also easier to balance because it's easy to predict how many torment stacks have already been applied. That horse has already bolted. GS already chills on the autoattack. And the gap-closer. And, pote
  8. If ArenaNet had implemented polearms, it would be polearm range. Sure, you're out of reach of a regular sword swing, and that can keep you out of some threats... but it's only one or two steps out of sword's length, and still likely within range of a lot of effects people would definitely regard as being part of melee playstyles, including bomb kit, photon forge, and the ends of a couple of melee autoattack chains. Animations such as Lightning Whip are also pretty clearly 'this is a melee-style attack with a bit more reach than most'. You could say it's melee with reach to distingu
  9. It's a little redundant where the OP is concerned, but elementalist, guardian, and mesmer are absolutely suitable for sylvari. Sylvari may be relatively young as a race, but have a high number of spellcasters, with one of the generic warden types being earth elementalists. If I recall correctly, there are also quite a few mesmer and even guardian NPCs. The professions that seem to be rare among sylvari are warrior (there's a discussion in Brisban Wildlands which implies it's an unusual choice, and sylvari military personnel tend to be rangers or thieves - although warriors seem to
  10. I have a strong suspicion that ArenaNet has already experimented with Abyssal Chill on a multihit attack and decided it was too strong, and that's why Icerazor does cripple and vulnerability rather than chill. So I don't see it going on GS5. GS2, maybe, or cripple on GS5 instead.
  11. ~300 range is basically melee. Sure, it's just out of reach of most 'I swing my sword' attacks, but PBAOES on melee weapons often extend out that far. Elementalist dagger is a case in point. This goes double when an effect is centered on the player, like overloads - hitting multiple targets with a 360 radius air overload, let alone a 180 radius fire overload, usually means you have at least one enemy within sword's length. Personally, I don't think anything can realistically be called 'ranged' until it's at least 400. Any tempest that uses overloads offensively is effec
  12. Different people have different lines of what they're comfortable with, and different reasons for why those lines are where they are. At the end of the day, nobody is hurt by this change (if you want skimpy armour, you can still get some pretty quickly, and there are plenty of high-end options as well), and some people have a more comfortable start to the game as a result of the change. It was the right call. There's a big difference between having the freedom to show a lot of skin and being forced to. Nothing's been removed, it just takes a little longer to get a skimpy armour set i
  13. The whole "everything works in open world" thing is a bit overblown. It's not strictly wrong, but there's a big range between "if you find a big enough zerg it doesn't matter how bad your build is because they'll carry you" and "I solo legendaries for lulz". Once you get to the expansion zones, then all else being equal you'll have a smoother time if you're closer to the latter end (actually doing so is more of a flex than an efficient way to do things, but it's certainly less frustrating if you're able to do decent damage without being downed on a regular basis). We tend not to di
  14. They all do, it's just that for guardians it's always up unless it was used in the last minute or so. Personally, I just find shield skins that work well with it.
  15. You know "spell reflection" has been a thing in D&D since the 80s at the latest, right? While arrow reflection is quite a bit less common in fantasy? Elementalist does have the ability to get around projectile hate, though. Apart from fireball and phoenix, for instance, pretty much every ranged fire skill is a non-projectile. You want Burning Precision. Sure, it doesn't apply burning on every hit, but neither does flamethrower. It's also another fantasy staple that "fireball" doesn't set things on fire unless they're really flammable - in D&D, for instance, it'll de
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