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  1. That goes against your earlier statement that the idea was to get players to autoattack less. If they want players to use other skills more, it WOULD be the player WoC that you nerf. As for staff in general... perhaps, but in context, it's Chaos Vortex changes that are causing it to overperform. They haven't changed Winds of Chaos bounces on allies, although the cooldown reduction on Chaos Storm does make boon support from that a little better. Possibly more significantly, nerfing the condition damage on clone WoC doesn't nerf the boon output from staff clones. Even more importantl
  2. One thing I've been wondering if, rather than applying alacrity to staff ambush specifically, it would have been better to apply it to Dune Cloak. Make it a trait that means that when you Mirage Cloak, you grant alacrity to yourself and your allies within a certain radius regardless of which weapon you're using... but you have to give up Infinite Horizon to do so. That way, the build would naturally have reduced DPS over a more selfish mirage build because you don't have your clones using ambush skills at all, but the build would still be useful enough that Infinite Horizon would f
  3. Yeah, you'd think that, because that would make sense. But nooooo. Winds of Chaos is the staff auto. Chaos Vortex is the ambush.
  4. The thing that shocks me (in the "but not really, why should I be surprised about them completely messing up mesmer AGAIN" sense) about the may 25 update is that the nerf to clones using Winds of Chaos is basically nerfing every staff mesmer build except the one that they actually view as a problem. Why? Because the staff/staff alacrity build is based on using Mirage Cloak about as often as humanly possible, so their clones are probably using Chaos Vortex more often than not. Staff chronos, staff core mesmers, staff new specialisations, even staff-using mirages that have a normal a
  5. On the topic of Primordus using tactics: I think there is a distinction between "animalistic" and "incapable of using tactics". Plenty of predators, both solo and pack predators, use tactics. Hive minds such as ants also use tactics to some level. Furthermore, it's also entirely possible that what was really going on in Gendarran Fields is that Primordus (or Primordus' champion) probed both locations, decided that Ascalon Settlement was the softer target, and went after the weaker prey. And identifying and going after the weaker prey is pretty much predator 101.
  6. I'd question this, actually. There are certainly individuals that can do things the Commander (even a PC of the same profession) can't. But if we look at Jennah and Livia, who we've actually seen in combat... WOULD they actually beat the Commander in a one-on-one? In the instances where they've appeared, the Commander is usually outputting quite a bit more damage than they are. A possible exception is Jennah's "I'm going to kill three mooks and intimidate the fourth" routine in S3E4, but they might have been mobs that the Commander WOULD have made short work of if they'd been able to act despi
  7. Man, this new multiquote system is awkward... I didn't really get the impression from Glint's Trials that the 'sharing' has to happen in any specific way. From memory, there are conversations with Aurene where she mentions that there is a lot that she's managing behind the scenes, and that the entirety of her consciousness isn't contained within her body. I think it's a reasonable hypothesis that part of what she's doing is managing the flow of magic into and out of her so that there's no area that ends up with too much or too little. She's sharing the magic - by spreading it out i
  8. I was talking about raid/fractal/otherPvE conditions there. So you're not wrong, it's just not relevant to what I was saying there. It does, however, contribute to the earlier observation that berserker only does well in PvE (and that mostly because of banners). Not if you're running banners - my point, though, is that you CAN get higher personal DPS by replacing the banners with rage skills if there are already banners in play. But it won't match what some other professions can do.
  9. Strictly speaking, rage skills do contribute to damage - directly in a couple of cases, through Last Blaze procs for condi builds, and by increasing berserk uptime and letting you get off more adrenaline skills. The only time they can approach top-tier DPS is when you have a condi build getting extra Fire Auras from allies, though.
  10. There have been a few times, but it's usually been foreshadowed by ArenaNet mentioning that there were some things they were still working on, or it's happened because they put out the preview early enough to respond to feedback.
  11. You know this is the lore forum, right? There's a lot of history in those cities that the asura have lost. Some of it may have been MacGuffins, some of it might just have made for an interesting picture of what the asura were actually like before they were forced to the surface. And if you reduce narrative points to such basic values, it's not like ArenaNet has never been repetitive before. There's a reason why people refer to the main antagonist of the Path of Fire campaign as "Balthaddon", and that's just scratching the surface. Heck, you don't have to go much farthe
  12. Yeah, I raised a pretty big mental eyebrow at this statement too. Berserker does fairly well in instanced PvE... because people want banners and berserker has the best DPS for a banner build. And that's basically it - they don't see much use in competitive modes. Berserker is also the best for pure DPS for warrior, but other professions can pure DPS better than a berserker.
  13. They're really not the same. Confusion and Torment generally worked by punishing you for doing something you'd otherwise want to be doing. In PvP, you generally still wanted to be moving even if you had Torment, but there are times where it's possible you might decide that staying still to reduce Torment damage was worthwhile. Now... it's pretty much just something that makes immobilising opponents even MORE valuable than it already was. Yeah, my first thought on seeing that is that they're essentially turning Soulcleave into another Razorclaw - a skill that's so fin
  14. The change to resistance will still hurt it a lot in any group content where players are being hit with hard CC alongside receiving damaging conditions. Using your stunbreak while in Mallyx is basically going to pull a pile of conditions on top of you, which could easily result in "darned if you do darned if you don't" situations. Changing Resistance really needed to come with a substantial rework to Mallyx (again). Boonsmiting it out of PvP might have been somewhat deliberate, but post-patch I probably wouldn't advise using Mallyx in any content where you're likely to have allies
  15. That's not what Swizzle meant and you know it. Rata Novus might have been underground and lost, but it was founded after Rata Sum by asura who wanted to go back to living underground. Swizzle was talking about the cities that the destroyers forced the asura to flee from like Quora Sum. I think part of the problem here is that we don't know just how that whole "sharing magic" thing works. I don't think it's as simple as "Aurene gives out magic to her minions Chosen". Because that would mean she was basically doing the same thing the other Elder Dragons were - hoarding
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